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Selflessness, concern for the welfare of others; for selfishness; smothering; for compassion and service to others in need; the ""Mother"" essence.
Keyword: Selflessness

Negative Pattern: Selfish; thoughtless; inability to relate to other's needs; a tendency to smother; those who sap the energy of their listener; inability to receive love; ""poor me"" attitude.

Positive outcome: Concern for the welfare of others; empathy; consideration; compassion; sensitivity to the needs of others; giving from wholeness instead of neediness.

Self-involvement, egocentrism, and a basically selfish nature are qualities which isolate us and create a sense of loneliness and even depression through the inability to cultivate lasting friendships. Peach essence helps us to love freely with no strings attached. It is an excellent essence for teachers, and for mothers. It is also of benefit to people starting out in business, for individuals who are self-employed, and for those in managerial and leadership roles. In the world of today there is a need for the nurturing love of the archetypal mother energy. In giving, we give to ourselves, through sharing we become peacemakers.

Use with animals: selflessness; overly demonstrative animals; animals weaned too early; demanding pets; over-territorialism; for the mother whose young are taken away.

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Prunus persica
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