Excerpt from the Summer 2004 Newsletter

In Life the only constant is change. No matter how much we would like to live in a secure, predictable environment, things change. And today, things are changing at a much faster pace than ever before.

Most people fear change. Things change around us and we often feel that we have no control over the situation, we feel helpless. While it is true that there are many situations and events we cannot control, we can control how we react to them. While these words are easy to say, they are not so easy to live. Human beings seek stability, so while we might not object to change as such, it is the transition period, when we have cut loose from the old but have not yet anchored our self in the new, that fills us with dread.

Some of the major changes we go through are biological, such as birth, adolescence, menopause/andropause, old age and even death. Each of these stages of life brings its own challenges. But we are faced with many other challenges throughout life, such as starting a new job, moving to a new school, or new city, going off to college, getting married or divorced, becoming a parent, starting a new relationship or ending one, to name but a few. Sometimes change is foisted on us. Sometimes it is we who seek change. Either way change helps us evolve.

By remaining open, optimistic, confident and flexible, we can embrace change and adapt it to our best interests. Change is always an opportunity to grow, to cast aside the old and start anew. The secret is to figure out how to make change work for you. Luckily, flower essences are extremely useful allies that can help us adapt to change and make the most of what Life has to offer.

Some people absolutely refuse to change, obstinately holding on to the past. This resistance to change is usually a fear-based reaction.

Bauhinia (Australian Bush) and Rhododendron (South African) can help those who are set in their ways to be more open to new concepts and ideas. Fig (Spirit-in-Nature) helps rigid, uncompromising people to be more flexible and adaptable, conferring a sense of humour and the ability to “go with the flow”.

Freshwater Mangrove (Australian Bush) opens our hearts to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts, as well as a healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs. Grass Widow (Pacific) also helps us to question our beliefs and to be able to change them if they are not working for us, while Ruby (Crystal Energy) gives us the courage to move beyond these customs and beliefs without feeling uprooted and lost.

In order to change, we must be willing to release the past and move on. There are many essences that can help us accomplish this. Healing our childhood wounds, real or imaginary, is an important part of releasing the past.

Sugar Bush Protea (South African) helps us to accept the pain of our childhood and become a fully engaged adult. Inner Child (Green Hope Farm) and Inner Child Essence (South African) also address this important issue. For those who are continually reliving the “good old days”, Chèvrefeuille - Honeysuckle (DEVA) brings us into the Now, while Sunshine Wattle (Australian Bush) restores optimism to those who are stuck in an unhappy past which they project into the future.

Bottlebrush (Australian Bush) helps us move through major life changes without feeling overwhelmed. It is particularly recommended for pregnant women and new mothers. Evolution (DEVA) helps free us from emotional ties with the past, giving us courage and confidence to face the future, even when we are being discouraged by the people around us.

Pale Pink Rose (Green Hope Farm) is helpful during any transition period as it softens the impact these changes have on our electrical system. Corn (Spirit-in-Nature) gives us the mental vitality needed to say “yes” to life’s challenges and face new beginnings with enthusiasm. New Beginnings (Green Hope Farm) helps both old and new animals adjust when a new animal arrives in a household, but it is also useful for humans who are adjusting to major change.

During periods of change, we may feel alone, abandoned, cut off from our Source.

Dune Calendula (South African) imparts the knowledge that we are being cared for, guided, loved and protected. It shows us that we are never alone. Love is all around us and our willingness to let it in determines how much of it we receive. Death Camas (Pacific) helps us when we feel that our world is crumbling around us. It alleviates stress and worry and enables us to appreciate change as an opportunity to grow.

Poison Hemlock (Pacific) dissolves the emotional, mental and physical paralysis which can arise when we are faced with major change. It helps us to move through transition periods without getting stuck.

Not all change is imposed from outside. There are times when we know that we need to initiate change in our life.

When we come to a crossroads but don’t know which way to turn, Silver Princess (Australian Bush) can help us to be aware of our life direction and what our next step should be. Sometimes we know what we want to do, but lack the strength to do it. Red Grevillea (Australian Bush) promotes independence and boldness that will help those who want to move forward but feel stuck. Ametrine (Crystal Energy) gives us the courage to follow a different path by banishing our fears and harmonising our emotions so that our heart can guide us.

Even if we desire change we can be overwhelmed with doubts about our abilities to change or our right to do so.

Rhodochrosite (Crystal Energy) cleanses and opens our heart to reveal our purpose and integrate body and soul so that our higher aspirations become possible. When we are about to embark on any kind of new experience Pink Seaweed (Pacific) helps us to harmonise thought before action. It works on the Heart Protector meridian to ensure that our undertakings are filled with joy and grace, as well as the Large Intestine meridian to help us release the past and make room for the new.

Whether we choose change or have it imposed on us, there are two qualities that can help us successfully negotiate the transition: confidence and creativity.

Essences which promote self-confidence include: Confid (Australian Bush), Bouton d'or (DEVA), Imperial Topaz (Crystal Energy) and Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature).

Essences that foster creativity include: Iris (DEVA), Turkey Bush (Australian Bush), Hooker's Onion (Pacific), Orange Calcite (Crystal Energy), Lady's Mantle (Green Hope Farm) and Giant Protea (South African).

Several essences from the animal kingdom (Wild Earth Animal) can assist us in dealing with change. Frog facilitates experiencing the everyday world as miraculous. It provides strength and certainty and helps us to embrace change as the constant of life. Butterfly is a catalyst for transformation, helping us to let go and move forward with lightness, grace and a balance of vulnerability and strength. Hummingbird nurtures feelings of joy and delight at the gift of being alive. It is particularly helpful in times of physical transition such as travel, moving etc. Snake provides support for transformation at the deepest levels and is particularly helpful for women going through menopause, children going through adolescence and for those in the process of dying. Peacock enhances confidence and self-esteem, while Beaver helps with creativity, planning and problem-solving.