Alaskan Essences

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project (AFEP) was started by Steve Johnson in 1984 when he was a firefighter in a remote area of Alaska. Alaskan flower essences possess the qualities of purity, adaptability and transformation due to the fact that the Alaskan environment is one of the rare places on the plantet which has been relatively untouched by human activity. According to Steve, the flower essences help us identify emotional and mental qualities within that need to be awakened or strengthened. They are like gentle teachers showing us who we really are and reminding us of our oneness with all life. The Alaskan Essences range is comprised of 72 flower essences, 41 research flower essences, 48 mineral (gem) essences, 28 research mineral (gem) essences, 12 environmental essences, 7 research environmental essences, 12 combination essences and 10 combination sprays. - For more information on these essences and how to use them