Essences are in the air

Excerpt from the Winter 2004 Newsletter

An increasingly popular way to benefit from the healing qualities of essences is to use them as sprays. While many people still like to swallow their drops in a glass of water, a topical application can be just as effective. Some essences are available as drops and sprays, while others are only available in spray form.

There is, however, some confusion as to when and how to use essence sprays. First, essences should not be sprayed into the mouth if they have been mixed with essential oils or other plant extracts! If you have any doubts, read the label. If the spray contains any ingredients except the essence itself, water and some kind of stabiliser such as alcohol, vinegar or red shiso, it should not be taken internally. Most of the sprays available are for external use only. They can be sprayed around the body or into the air. For best results they should be used regularly several times a day for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Essence sprays are also useful for clearing the energy in a room and facilitating any group activity. Think of spraying your office with an appropriate essence before an important meeting. Spray your house before (and after) your next family reunion or dinner party. Essence sprays are the perfect means to clean and purify the energy of your home, but they can also be used to instil energies such as joy, peace, and harmony.

Essence sprays can be divided into 3 categories: essences that are simply put in a spray bottle; essences that are mixed with essential oils; and essences that are mixed with essential oils and various plant extracts. We have several new essence spray products which will be introduced under the appropriate category.

Category 1 - essences that are simply put in a spray bottle

All essences that can be taken internally can also be used as a spray. The spray can be sprayed into the mouth or used topically by spraying into the aura, on the chakras, or elsewhere on the body. Some people find that a spray bottle makes it easier to take the essences during the day. So you can take any individual essence, or combination of your choice and put them in a spray bottle, to be taken internally or externally.

In this first category, the 14 DEVA combination essences are now available in spray bottles (Assistance, Nuits paisibles, Détente corporelle, Protection, Vie affective et sexualité, Désaccoutumance, Ressourcement, Etudes et examens, Unité familiale, Grossesse, Petite enfance, Adolescence, Age mûr, Evolution).

Category 2 - essence sprays that are blended with essential oils

The marriage of essential oils, which are profoundly stimulating on many levels, and essences, which work on the energetic level, creates an uplifting, calming and balancing energy which affects the body, mind and soul. The essential oils have their own emotional and physical qualities which complement the work of the essences.

Essence sprays blended with essential oils are for external use only. They are sprayed around the body and into the air. It is important to shake the spray before useas the oils and water may separate. You should also be careful not to spray the essence into the eyes. People who are particularly sensitive to essential oils (this includes babies) should avoid spraying the essence on the skin.

We would like to introduce the 4 new Energy Sprays from Wild Earth Animal Essences which fall into Category 2.

Dolphin/Joy connects us with the energy of the Dolphin and Joy. It is sweet, uplifting and light. Dolphin shows us the power of play and unconditional love, enhancing feelings of joy, laughter and delight, as well as compassion for one’s own pain and that of others.

Dove/Peace connects us with the energy of the Dove and its deep Peace. It is relaxing, centring and heart-filled. Dove nurtures feelings of peace, calm and stillness at the heart of one’s life. It quiets the thinking mind and allows us to experience the present moment. It nurtures a sense of the Divine Feminine and allows us to honour and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

Eagle/Spirit is an enlightening and purifying blend which connects us with the energy of the Eagle and with Spirit. It is expanding, fulfilling and sacred. Eagle helps us to soar above earthly matters to gain perspective and clarity so as to perceive the deepest truth at the heart of a situation. Eagle enhances spiritual and creative vision and connects us with our Higher Self and divine guidance.

Butterfly/Transformation is a unique blend which enhances inner and outer change, connecting us with the energy of the Butterfly and Transformation. It is supportive and nurturing. Butterfly supports us in times of emotional and spiritual transition. For letting go, moving forward and trusting in the wind’s ability to carry us where we need to go. Butterfly encourages feelings of lightness, grace and a gentle fluidity in giving and receiving.

The Energy Sprays should be misted above and around the body, while breathing deeply, or used as a room spray to enliven and energise the space around you.

Other essence sprays in Category 2 include:

Category 3 - essence sprays that are blended with essential oils and various plant extracts

These sprays are more elaborate products. In addition to the marriage of essential oils and essences as described under Category 2, they are blended with various plant extracts to nourish and protect the skin. They are for external use only and can be sprayed around the body or even directly on the skin, as well as into the air.

Essence sprays in Category 3 include: