Conquering fear

Excerpt from the Summer 2005 Newsletter 

"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."
Mark Twain

We all experience fear, almost everyday. Fear is the expectation that some person, situation, action or event will harm or injure us. At the most basic physical level, fear is an instinctual mechanism that warns us of danger. We assess the danger and decide how to react.

But most of the fear that people experience today is an illusion, a trick of the mind that wants to maintain the status quo and keep us from advancing on the path of life. Fear is paralysing. It brings us to a screeching halt. The vast majority of the things we fear will never, ever happen. Some of the things we fear will happen, but will not result in the dire consequences that we imagined.

We spend enormous amounts of energy fearing things that will never come to pass - this depletes our vital life force and our confidence in ourselves and keeps us from experiencing life to its fullest. When we have the courage to face our fears, many simply vanish. By moving past our fears, we open our hearts to love and life and happiness.

Fear is the absence of LOVE. It is the root cause of all toxic emotions: hatred, jealousy, lack of self-confidence, hopelessness, to name but a few. In fact, any emotion which is not based on love is based on fear, no matter what label we put on it. Fear is responsible for most of the violence, cruelty and suffering that we see in the world today. Fear exists only in our minds. If we dwell on our fears they expand, sapping our strength and lowering our vitality.

By embracing love, we vanquish fear, in all its forms. We create a world where people respect each other, as well as the other species that inhabit the planet, and the planet herself. The energy of love helps us remember that what we do to another, we do to our self.

Of course, the first essences that come to mind when we are frightened are those that calm during moments of crisis, such as Assistance (DEVA), Balancer (Pacific), Crisis Remedy (South African), Emergency Essence (Australian Bush), Emergency Care (Green Hope Farm), Pear (Spirit-in-Nature) or Saved By The Animals! (Wild Earth Animal). However, fear is such an important problem for humanity that nature has supplied us with a multitude of flowers that address the many faces of fear.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. Mimulus (DEVA) and Dog Rose (Australian Bush) are useful for common fears we encounter in our everyday lives. They are also recommended for shy, nervous people who have lots of niggling fears and a generally apprehensive nature. Certain essences are related to specific fears. Apple (Spirit-in-Nature) and Peach-flowered Tea Tree (Australian Bush) help people who are afraid of illness, Bush Iris (Australian Bush) is for fear of death, Mulla Mulla (Australian Bush) addresses fear of fire and heat, while Tomato (Spirit-in-Nature) is particularly useful for those who fear travelling. Cape Almond (South African) is for fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of failure, emotional paralysis and an inability to move forward.

Bluebell (Pacific) addresses the fears that prevent us from expressing ourselves: fear of being noticed, fear of being ridiculed or punished. We often develop these fears in childhood and carry them throughout life - limiting who we allow ourselves to be.

Some people have no fears for their own safety but are consumed with fear for the safety of others. They are sure that some harm will come to their loved ones. They may also live in fear of natural disasters or catastrophes such as war or famine. Red Chestnut (DEVA) and Clivia (South African) are for these irrational or obsessive fears about the safety and well-being of others. As energy follows thought, projecting fears of disaster may actually draw it towards those for whom you worry.

Cherry Plum (DEVA) and Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (Australian Bush) help people who feel that they are about to explode, often due to anger or emotional frustration. They fear what they might be capable of doing, to themselves or others, if they let themselves go. Their emotions are so intense that they fear losing control, sometimes to the point of insanity. These essences can also help us keep our emotional balance when we find ourselves caught up in the midst of mass hysteria.

Certain essences address a state of terror such as Rock Rose (DEVA), Grey Spider Flower (Australian Bush) and Orange Pincushion (South African). These essences can also be useful for nightmares and dealing with certain phobias. Green Spider Orchid (Australian Bush) deals with terror and phobias that stem from past life experiences, as well as intense reactions to the sight of blood. Anxiety (Green Hope Farm) deals with all forms of fear and phobias.

Many people experience inexplicable fears of unknown origin which are extremely debilitating. These fears and insecurities paralyse the will and weaken us physically. Essences such as Ail sauvage (DEVA), Aspen (DEVA), and Frangipani (South African) release these energy patterns, often of astral or karmic origin, which are beyond conscious reach, giving us the courage to move through the fear.

Coral Tree (South African) is for generalised fears which are small but numerous. These fears often have their origins in past life experience which has imprinted the subconscious mind with the belief that life is not safe. This essence lifts these fears of impending danger, disaster or pain.

We must face our fears in order to conquer them. Scarlet Runner Bean (Green Hope Farm) helps us to stop running from our fears, and to turn and face our shadow. So instead of building fear upon fear, we can dismantle the fears and redirect the energy into positive action. Another essence that helps us to confront our shadow is Cancer Bush (South African). It brings us face to face with that which we fear most in our self, and helps us to emerge victorious.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fear is related to the kidney and bladder meridians and the water element. Snowdrop (Pacific) has a strong impact on these two meridians and serves to dissolve paralysing fear. Ox-Eye Daisy (Pacific) works on the kidney meridian and the third-eye chakra to dissolve fears that keep us from seeing clearly. The combination essence Kids' Stuff (Pacific) dissolves fears (imagined or real) that can be so frightening for children, as well as adults.

An important part of releasing fear is accomplished by moving our consciousness into our heart chakra where we find love and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Surfgrass (Pacific) and the combination essence Fearlessness (Pacific) help us to vanquish fear by choosing love.

In the animal kingdom, Lion (Wild Earth Animal) helps us to develop the courage to face our fears and to respond appropriately when we find ourselves in difficult or dangerous situations. Mountain Lion (Wild Earth Animal) also gives us courage to move through our fears and develop self-confidence.

Among the mineral essences, Malachite (Crystal Energy) helps us to conquer fear. It works on the solar plexus chakra, shining light on the darkness of our fears, insecurities and inadequacies. Malachite (Crystal Energy) helps us to release fear and other dark emotions that we keep locked away in our hearts, thereby freeing us to experience love towards ourselves and others. Ametrine (Crystal Energy) gives us the courage to follow our own special path in life, while Ruby (Crystal Energy) gives us the courage to move beyond customs and beliefs that no longer serve us without feeling uprooted and lost.

There is nothing wrong with experiencing fear - its how we choose to deal with it that counts. Either we conquer fear or it conquers us.