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Leo 24th July - 23th August

(reprinted with permission from the March 2011 edition of The Essence)

LeoThe symbol for Leo is The Lion - king of the beasts, and there certainly is a regal air to Leos living even in the most humble of circumstances. They usually retain an air of dignity under the most trying of circumstances; even domestic cats display this trait, quickly covering any faux pas or embarrassment with nonchalance and a rapid return to their usual elegance.

Charismatic is a key word to describe Leos - you can't help but look at them, and they love to bask in the attention - be it for their artistic ability, dramatic flair, leadership skills (or occasional outrageous behaviour if all else fails). Many love to make ostentatious displays or be entertained with them. They love to shine their light on the rest of us. Rejection is very hard for them to cope with, for which we can give Illawarra Flame Tree.

The animals are physically strong and graceful (as are the humans); they hunt co-operatively and share the spoils with their extended family. With humans this translates to people who are loyal, family orientated, good providers and community minded. A key value instilled into royalty and the aristocracy down through the ages was "Noblesse Oblige" - the obligation of the nobility to help those less fortunate. Our modern "royalty" increasingly consists of creative celebrities, and one of the first things they do upon becoming rich and famous is to nominate a charity they will be assisting; they are immediately initiated into the importance of giving back, and are expected to do so. Many Leos head up or are key individuals within community and charitable organisations. Bluebell is a good flower to bring out this sense of generosity, and Sydney Rose helps to realise that we are all one, and that when we help others, we are helping another aspect of ourselves.

If you displease a Leo, even the most benevolent of them may roar at you - just to show you who is really in charge. If you really upset them (or worse still, betray them) they will most likely ignore you - they won't dignify you with a response. You will find yourself frozen out, and the castle door firmly barricaded against you. Banished. Count yourself lucky they didn't rake you with their claws or chop off your head. Dagger Hakea and Bluebell can be good for these Leos - to help them forgive.

Speaking of castles, Leos aren't averse to a bit of luxury, they do like quality over quantity and their home is their safe haven from the world. It probably has a view of the surrounding landscape. Don't drop in - wait for an invitation.

Don't be fooled though - there are forest lions who prefer to live quiet, private, solitary lives with just their mate, preferring to roam in the dappled light beneath the trees, away from prying eyes. Sometimes this can be a phase the more extroverted Leos go through, to recharge. This is healthy.

What 'Out of Balance' Leo energy looks like: Arrogant, domineering, vain, impatient, drama queen, narcissistic, egocentric, selfish, superior, rejected, jealous, self doubting, overly ambitious.

What 'Balanced' Leo energy looks like: Courageous, strong, confident, creative, artistic, magnetic, charismatic, natural leaders, entertaining, enthusiastic, inspirational, optimistic, magnanimous, loyal, affectionate, cheerful, dignified and fun.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, considered a masculine energy by most cultures both ancient and modern. Without the Sun there would be no life. Ancient cultures had many different belief systems around this with a common theme being the need to honour the Sun as the giver of life; with the king, queen, emperor or empress as the creator's earthly representative. The Sun in astrology is regarded as the ruler of our identity, our sense of self and self esteem - the Ego. To strengthen and balance these we have Five Corners - also very good for confidence.

Leos can often be found in leadership roles. Sometimes the power goes to their head and they become arrogant, for which we can use Gymea Lily. It is also good for vanity and pride, which Leos have been accused of. Whenever anyone raises their head up above the crowd, it is possible someone will want to cut them down. Gymea Lily enables those to whom this happens to have the strength to stand tall and carry on regardless. Lastly, Gymea Lily balances the back and spine, one of the vulnerable parts of the body for a Leo under stress.

The other part of the body ruled by Leo is the heart. Waratah is a wonderful Essence for strengthening the physical heart (as is Bluebell) and is also very good for helping to enhance courage, one of the natural traits of Leo. Lions hunt, kings used to lead their soldiers into battle; Leos lead, encourage and inspire us to come up with new ideas.

Should they become overly ambitious, or jealous of another's success, Mountain Devil is very useful.

Copyright Linn Wiggins

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