Newsletter October 2015

Ancestral healing - Special offer

Ancestral Healing

Excerpt from the August 2015 Newsletter of Alaskan Essences

black spruceWe all have patterns that have been imprinted in our cellular memory from the experiences of our ancestors. Our DNA is altered in a way that allows these to be passed down genetically from generation to generation. Many of these patterns are vital to our well-being and to how we carry ourselves in the world, while others play a critical role in the manifestation of inherited disease and emotional dysfunction.

The human body contains all of the intelligence required to maintain its balance and homeostasis, hence the adage, "there is wisdom within our bones." This includes the accumulated understanding of our ancestors, but this is often obscured by the so-called negative aspects of our past experiences.

The following four essences from the Alaskan range can help us become aware of and then surrender this negative imprinting so we can fully embody the wisdom of our ancestors and apply it to our daily lives.

Black Spruce represents the ancient grandfather energy of nature. Its essence helps us open our perceptions to the wisdom that is present within each of us, our ancestral heritage, and the collective consciousness of the planet. It helps us connect more fully with the eternal aspects of who we are, and in particular, with knowledge gained from past lessons that we need to reactivate in the context of our current life situations.

Liard Hot Springs carries an original archetype of innocence. It can help us surrender any patterns of guilt and self condemnation we have taken on during our lifetimes on this planet. This cleansing brings us back in touch with the innocent truth of who we really are-spiritual beings who have come to this Earth to learn.

Sitka Burnet helps us address internal conflicts from unknown origins that cause us to feel bound and limited by the past. It empowers us to see and understand all the information relevant to a particular life lesson so that we can bring that learning experience to completion and release all the energy dynamics associated with it.

Yellow Dryas is for those who feel isolated from or unsupported by their family, friends, and community. Such individuals are often at the leading edge of their respective fields of expression, and as a result may often feel lonely or disconnected. This essence can help them connect with others on a deeper soul level so they can continue their outward explorations in an easier way.

Note from Fleurs de Vie: Other essences dealing with ancestral healing include Boab (Australian Bush), Black currant, Bloodroot and Precious Blood (Green Hope Farm).

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clear skyClear Sky - Cleanses our environment of energetic pollution whether it be an accumulation of astral, emotional, mental or psychic energies.
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confidenceConfidence - Enhances confidence and self-esteem. True self-confidence means accepting our self and recognising our own unique beauty.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

connecting upConnecting up - Cleanses our energy field and aligns our chakras so that we can experience a clear connection with our Higher Self. It offers protection from lower astral influences during meditation or when seeking guidance from the spiritual realms.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso. 

peacePeace - To be at peace with one self and the world. To do this we must heal our hearts and embrace forgiveness on all levels.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

subtle body balancerSubtle Body Balancer - works through all levels of the subtle anatomy clearing and strengthening the energy field of accumulated negative energy and pollution.
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winter shieldWinter Shield - cleanses and strengthens our energetic immunity and provides protection from energetic pollution that can result from emotional upsets, prolonged stress, and mental fatigue.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.