Heartfelt Communication

Excerpt from the Automn 2000 Newsletter

"The quality of communication is very important - the ability to speak in such a way that people can hear what you have to say."

Communication is the way we relate to the world around us. If we are fearful or lack self confidence, this is reflected in the way that we communicate with others. We may be hesitant or unclear in our speech and as a result others may react negatively to or disregard our opinions. Essences like Dog Rose (Australian Bush) or Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature) make us feel more self-confident and less fearful so that we are better able to express our views and feelings. Wallflower essence (Pacific) helps cross the boundaries between seeing, feeling, and hearing type learners - "if you could see what I feel." It dispels that sense of hopelessness which is often experienced when we feel misunderstood.

Cosmos essence (Green Hope Farm, Deva, South African) helps us speak our truth from the heart without fear. It encourages shy people to speak up. Even those people who have no problem talking in public will find that Cosmos increases their ability to express themselves with clarity. Bush Fuchsia (Australian Bush) is another essence which gives people courage and clarity in public speaking as well as the ability to speak out about their own convictions. It is also helpful for people who stutter.

The quality of communication is very important - the ability to speak in such a way that people can hear what you have to say. The best communication comes from the heart. But some people find it hard to speak from the heart in a detached manner. Calendula essence (South African, Deva) is for those people who are hurtful, coldly correct, sardonic, mocking, arrogant or harsh, for those who are unable to hear what others really say. This essence brings warmth, sensitivity, humility, compassion and receptivity, the ability to hear the message behind the words, thus engendering mutual understanding which is at the base of all good communication.

Listening is also an important part of communicating. French Marigold (Green Hope Farm) is an essence which helps us to hear what is actually being said, particularly for situations in which people misunderstand each others' intentions or are unavailable to hearing each other's thoughts or viewpoint. Essences like Kangaroo Paw (Australian Bush) and Date (Spirit-in-Nature) help us be more sensitive to the feelings of others which also improves communication.

Group interaction, whether it be in a family or office setting, is sometimes difficult. Ortie essence (Deva) promotes group harmony and conflict resolution while Harvest Lily (Pacific) helps the individual to move beyond ego boundaries and to begin to appreciate "other" as the same as Self; it unifies group energy. This is particularly helpful when two opposing groups are involved in negotiating a win/win outcome.

Clarity and perspective are important elements in any group endeavour. Not getting bogged down in detail but being able to see the larger picture is an invaluable asset in any meaningful communication. Essences such as Ox-eye Daisy (Pacific) help us do just that, while Wedding Bush (Australian Bush) confers a sense of commitment to any group project or personal relationship.

Flower essences can help us to improve communication on many levels, which in turn will improve both the quality of our lives and our personal well-being.