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Self-assuredness; for belief in one's own abilities; for feeling centered and whole; for insecurity, self-doubt, shyness.

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Keyword: Self-assuredness

Negative Pattern: Inferiority complex; comparing self to others; dissatisfaction with self, unhappy with job situation; often compensated for by an overbearing nature; a pushy personality., lack of humility.

Positive outcome: self-confidence; career fulfillment; empowerment; strong sense of identity; wisdom; clarity with money issues, the ability to draw abundance.

Pineapple represents an extremely magnetic and charismatic expression of energy. It imparts clarity, strength, and wisdom. It is an ideal essence for identity crisis during the teenage years ('I don't like myself'); for mid-life crisis ('Who am I now?'); or for any sudden or dramatic change in life which leaves us not quite knowing who we are. Pineapple is the essence for self assuredness, meaning tested faith in our Higher Self. Pineapple is a good essence for money issues as they are often a reflection of our own poor self-image.

Use with animals: Self-assuredness; for show animals; insecurity, especially in multiple- animal households; for the runt of the litter; pets raised in temporary homes; for previous poor training.

  • Essence type : flower essence
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Latin name : Ananas comosus
  • Size : 15ml dropper bottle

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