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Love and devotion; for those who feel a lack of love in their lives; for the natural ability to love unconditionally without thinking of oneself; for death of a loved one, separation or divorce.
Keyword: Love, devotion

Negative Pattern: Envy, greed, lust, jealousy; abandonment, including separation, divorce, or death; loneliness; disconnected; alienated; vulnerable; 'sour grapes' attitude.

Positive Outcome: Unconditional love; purity; transcendence patience; flowing with the longer rhythms in relationships; healthy sexuality.

Grape Essence opens your heart so that you will be willing to take the risks involved in opening up to others. A common response to Grape is crying, a sign of a closed heart in the process of opening. This essence deals directly with those periods when we feel a lack or loss of love in our lives from death, divorce, separation, loneliness, emptiness, or experience feelings of abandonment. Grape will also respond to any sense of neediness, isolation, or disconnectedness. The message of this essence is to look within, and then give to others the very love we feel has been lost. Grape helps to uncover our heart's natural ability to love, and in so doing forget ourselves in the act to the point where the lover, the beloved and the act of loving become as one.

Use with animals: love; for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, abused or otherwise mistreated; loneliness, clinginess or aloofness; jealousy of other pets or humans, sometimes expressed as bullying, growling or spraying/soiling; feeling replaced; loss of a human or animal companion

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Vitis vinifera
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