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Purity of thought; optimism and a positive outlook on life; to counteract skepticism and negativity for the ""no nonsense"" person; for denial .
Keyword: Purity of thought

Negative Pattern: Negative; pessimistic; sarcastic; cynical; fault-finding; blunt; tactless.
Positive outcome: Kind; optimistic; sees goodness within self and others; offended by mistreatment of living things; purification.

The Blackberry Essence offers the vibrational experience of clarity, focus, and the ability to see things as they really are. It frees the mind from judgment, prejudice, and negativity. Blackberry is for those people who have nothing nice to say about anyone or anything. They create a negative energy around them. Blackberry is also the essence for frustration, when our thoughts are confused or when our energy feels blocked. The energy of Blackberry is clean, straightforward, trustworthy and, above all, pure; it integrates clear reason with pure feeling. It instills a desire for a clean environment and a pure, orderly mind by making us more aware of our negative traits.

Use with animals: purity; for animals who absorb their owner's negativity; exposure to harmful chemicals; for use in a misting bottle in areas that have been soiled or marked, or to cleanse the litter box area on a regular basis.

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flower essence
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Rubus alleghenienses
15ml dropper bottle

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