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Mental vitality; for freshness and newness; getting rid of stale thoughts and old habits; for new beginnings, enthusiasm and zeal; “The I can” Essence.
Keyword: Mental vitality

Negative Pattern: Lethargic; sluggish; unwilling; unresponsive; dragging one's feet; procrastination.

Positive Outcome: Energy; joy; taking initiative in projects; enthusiasm; living fully in the moment; saying 'Yes' to life's challenges; exuberant willingness; for new beginnings.

Corn Essence exemplifies living fully in the moment; an inner attitude of willingness, and the commitment to complete projects and to make needed psycho-emotional changes. Corn improves both the quantity and quality of energy available to us. . The more vitality we possess, the more enthusiasm we have for life. Corn Essence encourages us to do old things in new ways, and strengthens us when we face change (a new job, moving to another city, going off to college.

This is the essence of will power; of decisions made; of joyful follow-through with plans. But most of all, Corn's message is that, with mental vitality, we have the energy at our disposal to tackle anything set before us.

Use with animals: vitality; energy; restores a sense of adventure; for relocation; helpful during times of transition; good for older animals; for exhaustion.

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flower essence
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Zea mays
15ml dropper bottle

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