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Peacefulness; the 'emergency' essence; helpful in recovery from accidents, surgery, illness, childbirth; for times of “emotional earthquakes”; dynamic, energetic, relaxed state of mind.

Keyword: Peacefulness, Emergency Essence

Negative Pattern: Feeling thrown off balance due to accidents, illness, surgery, or childbirth; physical and/or emotional crisis; auric disturbances, for shock;extreme grief, for any troubling experience.

Positive Outcome: Peace of mind; a sense of rhythm and proportion; for being fully in the present moment; ability to handle crisis; for stability during major changes.

Pear is the Master's Emergency Essence. (Take it more often during crisis and apply it directly to the skin if desired.) It is also the Essence of inner peace and victory which helps us to view accidents or illness as opportunities for growth. Pear Essence imparts willingness and openness to face the unknown, and it strengthens the aura. It helps us to build healthy relationships through resolving conflicts and resistance. The true message of Pear is to remain untouched by the passing tragedies and tremors of life. Pear can be considered to be the sum total of the positive traits of all twenty Master's Flower Essences: perfect peace, perfect calmness, perfect love.

Use with animals: emergency Essence; peacefulness; for any trauma or crisis; for the shock of accidents, illness, birthing or surgery, including spaying or neutering; panic or disorientation; for animals nearing death; a “first-aid must”

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