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Flexibility; for people who are too hard on themselves, no matter how fine their accomplishments; helps break through a sense of limitation due to rigid self-definition; greater flexibility of will.
Keyword: Flexibility

Negative Pattern: Rigid; tense; uncompromising; difficulty with change; unrealistic expectations of oneself, fanatic; self-limiting; too strict a sense of discipline; self-martyrdom; judgmental of self.
Positive outcome: Sense of humor; able to 'go with the flow'; at ease with self and others; self-liberating; energy to move forward in life; relaxation; for setting healthy boundaries; ability to 'roll with the punches'.

Some people find themselves ""boxed in"" by lots of self-created rules or unrealistic expectations. This is particularly true of people who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. The essence of Fig is flexibility, fluidity, adaptability. Fig allows for discrimination without judgment, and clear observation without criticism - the ability to accept both your strengths and weaknesses, your victories and mistakes. Fig Essence helps us to adapt to changes, ranging from sudden to long anticipated. It exemplifies the perfect balance between discipline and flexibility.

Use with animals: flexibility; for animals who have been improperly or overly trained; pets who received mixed messages from their owners; animals who seem confused, fussy or whiny; for breaking existing bad habits.

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flower essence
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Ficus carica
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