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Self-control, calmness of mind and nerves; good for people who lead very active lifestyles; for those who desire more hours in the day; beneficial to pre-teens.
Keyword: Self-control

Negative Pattern: 'burning the candle at both ends'; over-indulgence in food or other substances/ activities; immoderation; discontentment; uneasiness; frustration; sexual excess in thought or action; for anger connected with sexual issues.

Positive Outcome: Calmness of the mind; synchronicity of body/ mind/spirit; sense of well-being and order; balance; moderation; wholesome sexuality; for being a sensitive partner in an intimate relationship.

Almond is the essence for self-control in all parts of our lives; it gives us greater awareness in our choices. When we feel that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all there is to do, Almond Essence, through its quality of calmness, allows us to focus on one thing at a time which increases our productivity and eliminates tension and frustration. In the area of human sexuality Almond Essence helps us to control our sexual energy rather than be controlled by it.

Use with animals: Self-control; for better adjustment to domesticated life; animals who are nervous, who pace, over-groom themselves, or exhibit frenetic or obsessive behavior

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flower essence
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Prunus dulcis
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