Newsletter February 2016

Emergency Essences - Workshop on Animals and Australian Bush Flower essences - Special Offer

Emergency Essences

Crisis remedyThere is growing awareness of the effects of shock on the human energy system. When we receive a shock, whether it be a big or little one, the effect of the shock can stay in our energy system for years and may even be a contributing factor in illness. Most flower essence producers have a flower or flower essence combination in their range that acts to eliminate the effects of shock, calm and repair our energy field, erasing fears and bringing a sense of inner peace.

These essences are useful for any crisis, panic, emergency or stressful event, including accidents or injury, and the shock of childbirth (for both mother and child). They can also be taken preventively to help you face any difficult situation in a calm, balanced and centered manner.

We have a tendency to think that emergency essences are only useful for extreme cases, but in fact they are very relevant for our daily lives as well: a dentist appointment, a school exam, getting stuck in traffic, being disappointed by a friend, being anxious about a meeting or a date etc. etc. All these minor worries can accumulate to such a point that we completely lose our balance. An emergency essence helps us re-claim our calm and set out again on the right foot.

Taking an emergency essence as soon as possible after an accident or injury or any other shock, keeps your electrical system from shutting down and helps it to repair itself more quickly. This is why it is recommended to always have a bottle on hand in your handbag, briefcase, car, travel kit, medicine cabinet etc. When faced with any stressful or emotionally intense or fearful situation, take a few drops of an emergency essence every 5 minutes until you feel stable. You can also put a whole dropper full of the essence into a glass of water or fruit juice and sip it slowly as you feel the need. You will know when you no longer need it, as you will simply forget to keep taking it.

Here is a list of the various emergency essences available:

Workshop on Animals and Australian Bush Flower essences

KerrieOn the 2nd and 3rd of April, in Roman-sur-Isère, France, experience a two-day workshop where you will explore how to use the bush flower essences with your animals.

The workshop will be led by Kerrie Searle, an Australian who specialises in animal communication and is the official trainer in bush flower essences for animal healing.

Kerrie will be presenting in English and there will be an interpreter for French. This is the first time this program is available in France. The full program/registration form is available here in French.

For more information contact:

Nadia Jacquemin on 06 08 80 60 32 or

Special Offer

PAC LogoDuring the month of February take advantage of our 15% reduction on all Pacific combination essences. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

Pacific Essences was founded on the West coast of Canada in 1983 by Sabina Pettitt. One special feature of the Pacific Essences and what differentiates them from other essences is their correlation with the meridians, the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the chakra system.

Sabina has blended together essences from the plant, sea and mineral kingdoms to create 23 combination essences. These include her best-selling Balancer, Abundance and Heart Spirit combination essences as well as synergistic blends for such issues as confidence and self worth, forgiveness, cellular memory, fearlessness, protection, learning, vitality, inner peace, changing attitudes and combination essences for each of the five elements.

You will find additional information on the Pacific essences on our web site.