Being grateful

Excerpt from the December 2010 Newsletter

Here we are already in December, fast approaching the Winter Solstice, and the year-end holiday season. This is a very symbolic time of year – a time of moving through the dark into the light. It is also a joyous time when many people engage in religious celebrations, when we re-unite with family and friends, when we say good-bye to the current year and usher in the new.

It is a useful time to reflect on the events of the past year, and to remember all the things for which we are grateful. The importance of gratitude cannot be overemphasised. It gives us access to a high level of consciousness and wisdom that can help us to find effective solutions for situations and challenges that we are facing. When we are grateful, we radiate a positive loving energy to those around us, and we draw positive and loving experiences into our lives. A great way to start the New Year !

Here are some essences that help us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Southern Cross (Australian Bush), Willow (Alaskan) or Yucca (South African): to banish victim consciousness, that “poor me” attitude, by eliminating old stagnant emotions and thoughts of lack and injustice.

Polyanthus (Pacific): to welcome abundance into our lives by recognising and being grateful for what we have rather than focusing on what we do not have.

Cherokee Trail of Tears (Green Hope Farm combination): When we experience loss, this essence encourages and comforts us, and helps us accept the gifts of these difficult journeys.

Spiraea (Alaskan): teaches us how to nurture and be nurtured by life through openness and gratitude.

Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush): to appreciate and take delight in the details and little things of life, to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment.

Frog (Wild Earth Animal): to experience the everyday world as miraculous.

Gratitude (Wild Earth Animal combination): to cultivate and express appreciation for the many gifts in one's life.