Newsletter March 2019

Letting go - Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French) - Wild Earth Animal Workshops - Special Offer

Letting go

Letting go is difficult. If we are not able to let go of (release) our grievances, if we are not able to accept that things will not always be what we want, then we are seriously limiting the amount of joy we can experience in life!

Most of us have worked on emotional issues where we seek to forgive and let go of past grievances. We even succeed at times. But often it seems that we do the work of forgiving and letting go only to have some event bring the issue right back up. Mind you this does not mean that work hasn't been done, but things are sometimes more complicated than we realise and the issue resurfaces at a different level.

The Wild Earth Healing Path Essences can be very helpful. They lead you through a process of Inner Work, dealing with the anger (Healthy Anger) and pain (Grieving Heart) so as to arrive at a point of Letting Go of our emotional wounding. This is however not the end of the healing path but the middle point from which we can leave behind the past and embrace the future (Gratitude, Wild Freedom, Communion with God). See the Chemin de Guérison cards and book, (in French only).

Letting go means forgiving but also eliminating things that no longer serve us, whether it be a thought, habit, or relationship. This way we can move on with our life. Essences that can help with the many facets of letting go, in addition to the Healing Path essences mentioned above, include:

Amethyst (Crystal Energy Essences) for healing and releasing the past

All Ego contracts null and void (Green Hope Farm) for releasing old habits, old patterns of behaviour and old ego choices that no longer serve us

Avocado (South Africa) for breaking with the past, releasing negativity

Bloodroot (Green Hope Farm) supports a letting go of inner and outer conflict and judgment about our family of origin

Butterfly (Wild Earth) for letting go and moving forward in times of emotional and spiritual transition

Cattail pollen (Alaska) helps us break free from connections and involvements which no longer serve our highest truth

Evolution (Deva) for abandoning ways of being and behaviours which are no longer appropriate to the present

Fuchsia (Pacific) helps us to peel away the layers of programming of "acceptable" behaviour patterns, and allows us to begin to attune with and to step with our own inner rhythms

Grass widow (Pacific) assists us to question our beliefs and to be able to change them if they are not working for us

Orange (Spirit in Nature) helpful for long- term, counterproductive attitudes in dealing with melancholy and despair; represents the joy of living, of loving, and of letting go

Poison hemlock (Pacific) letting go; allows us to release ingrained thought patterns, i.e. repetitive, and often quite unconscious, thoughts which do not serve us in the moment

Sturt desert pea (Australia) letting go; triggers healthy grieving; releases deep held grief and sadness

White fireweed (Alaska) helps us release the imprint of painful emotional experiences

Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)

These classes are taught in French by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and french speaking countries.

Level 1 Workshops 2019

  • Biarritz - 9 and 10 March 2019
  • La Montagne (near Nantes) - 18 and 19 mai 2019
  • Geneva - 29 and 30 June 2019
  • Paris - 28 and 29 septembre 2019

Level 2 Workshops 2019

  • Paris - 13 and 14 April 2019
  • Nantes - 16 and 17 November 2019

Contact Nadia Jacquemin at 06 08 80 60 32 -

See the programme (in French) on our web site.

Wild Earth Animal Workshops

Daniel Mapel will return to France in June for two workshops. See details below.

June 1 - 2
La Valée de Chevreuse (near Rambouillet)
Workshop: Inner Child Healing
Contact: Solene Goubern
Tel: 06 15 79 54 72

June 22 - 23
Thorens-Glières (Haute-Savoie)
Workshop: Level 1 Connecting with Wild Animals as a Source of Wisdom, Power, and Guidance
Contact: Cristel Forel
Tel: 06 86 98 08 25

Special Offer

During the month of March take advantage of our 15% reduction on all Crystal Energy Essences. Good for internet orders only.

Crystal Energy Essences contain the energetic imprint of minerals, stabilised in a decoction of red shiso (perilla frutescens) and white vinegar. These mineral essences work on the level of the chakras and subtle bodies, helping to eradicate fear and toxic emotions, while encouraging love and forgiveness.

The range is made up of 36 mineral essences and 5 combination essences.