Alaskan - Environmental Essences

The environmental essences stimulate and support changes to the root of our being. They support our work with flower essences by lending energy and vitality and encouraging an inner environment of balance and clarity which allows growth and positive change. There are 12 environmental essences, available in stock strength 30ml dropper bottles.

  • Chalice Well

    This essence was made in the Chalice Well Gardens of Glastonbury, England. It connects us to the angelic, elemental, plant and mineral kingdoms. It reminds us that we are a part of the web of life and we can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we need help to take the next step on our life path.
  • Essence range - 12 Environmental Essences

    Full set of the 12 Alaskan Environmental Essences, in 30 ml dropper bottles.

  • Full Moon Reflection

    This is an essence of reflected light; the sun's light reflected by the full moon off the water of Kachemak Bay and into the snow-filled canyon. This essence penetrates deep into the subconscious, allowing our shadow-self to be illuminated by the light of our conscious awareness.
  • Glacier River

    An essence of solarized water that emerges from the base of the Gulkana glacier carrying suspended particles of ground-up rock eroded by the constant pressure and movement of glacial ice. This essence helps us release patterns of feeling, thinking and doing that have become rigid and unyielding.
  • Greenland Icecap

    An essence of solarized glacier water prepared on the Greenland ice sheet where two of the earth's continental plates come together. The Greenland Icecap essence contains the intense energy of convergence, it helps us remain flexible and feel supported as we move through deep inner change.
  • Liard Hot Springs

    This essence was prepared at Liard Hot Springs in Canada. An essence of cleansing, re-creation and renewal, putting us back in touch with the innocent truth of who we really are: spiritual beings who have come to this earth to learn.
  • Northern Lights

    This essence was made under a swirling green display of Northern Lights. For cleansing and re-patterning our energies, at a very deep level. It helps us release energies from the heart that have been allowed to obscure our original life patterns.

  • Polar Ice

    This essence was prepared on the Arctic Ocean ice pack near the North Pole. An essence of transition and the completion of cycles; for achieving a more patient understanding of the subtleties of time; helps us stay in the present, with no anticipation of what is to come.

  • Portage Glacier

    This essence was prepared on the banks of Portage Lake near the terminus of Portage Glacier. A powerful and catalytic energy that helps us release what is unnecessary and inappropriate in our lives from the mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies. It revitalizes and balances the entire energy system.
  • Rock Spring

    This essence was prepared from spring water that emerges from the center of a sheer rock face high in the Talkeetna Mountains and cascades down to a pool at its base. Rock Spring is an essence of hope and miracles! It can help us find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles with infinite patience and never-ending trust.

  • Solstice Sun

    This essence was prepared on the “night” of the summer solstice, as the midnight sun danced along the peaks of the Brooks Range. Solstice Sun catalyzes our ability to access and circulate a stronger current of light energy throughout the physical body.
  • Stone Circle

    This essence was prepared within a naturally occurring circle of stones located high in the Talkeetna Mountains. Stone Circle introduces a highly balanced and protective energy into the aura that invites us to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces. This essence keeps us from absorbing or “taking on” the energies of others.