Newsletter January 2020

Together - Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)Special Offer


Whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, we need each other. We are all connected, part of the ALL, with all of our differences.

Being part of a family, or community, or nation, or humanity does not strip us of our individuality. It is our individuality which enriches the group. Working together, sharing ideas, experiences and responsibility is what makes us strong. Knowing how to relate to others, to respect our differences, to honour our fellow man is what makes us strong. Keeping love in our hearts, tolerance in our thoughts and a spirit of gratitude is what makes us strong.

My wish for 2020: Be strong!

And for essences, have a look at:

The Ile de Lumière range (on sale this month)

Garry Oak (Pacific)

Harvest Lily (Pacific)

Indian Pipe (Pacific)

Date (Spirit-in-Nature)

Freshwater mangrove (Australian Bush)

Wolf (Wild Earth)

Zebra (Wild Earth)

Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)

These classes are taught in French by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and french speaking countries. 

Level 1 Workshop

  • Geneva (Switzerland) - 25 and 26 January 2020

Level 2 Workshops

  • Paris - 7 and 8 March 2020
  • Geneva (Switzerland) - 28 and 29 March 2020

Numerology and Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshop with Ian White

  • Tain l'Hermitage - 13 and 14 June 2020

Contact Nadia Jacquemin at 06 08 80 60 32 -

See programmes in French on our web site

Special Offer

During the month of January take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the Ile de Lumière essences. Good for internet orders only.

The Ile de Lumière range contains 9 individual essences and 3 combination essences. They are stabilised with Red Shiso (perilla frutescens).

In this small range of essences you will find several types of protection which we need to stay centered in our heart in the NOW and not find ourselves scattered across other realities and dimensions (S'intégrer - Integration, Se protéger - Protection, Sécurité - Security). There are also essences to help us find inner peace and follow our intuition (Choisir la paix - Choose peace, Harmonie - Harmony, Vivre heureux - Live happily), to help us align with our life purpose (Courage, Possibilités infinies - infinite possibilities), open to abundance (Générosité - Generosity) and find our place in the world with love and respect (Humilité - Humility, Ensemble - Together, Namasté).