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The Importance of Miracle Readiness - Wild Earth Animal Essences Workshop - Special Offer

The Importance of Miracle Readiness

This is an extract of an article by Maryanne Campeau published in the June 2014 newsletter of Pacific Essences, reprinted with permission.

I've witnessed miracles with animals. Where there appeared to be no option beyond steady decline or destination death. Yet somehow these beings leaped from that charted course and landed in a place of healing. How?

Energy has the power to create, move and transform beyond the limitations of our senses and understanding. From this energetic level, as animal caregivers, guardians and practitioners we can create space for miracles.

It is so seductive to surrender to the evidence at hand regarding our animal's health. The obvious and visual signs of aging, illness or disability. The test results, opinions of others and our beliefs. These beliefs can hinder or enhance access to potential healing. This is understood from the universal law of 'Like Attracts Like'.

Vibrationally we include and magnify what we emit, positive or negative. Thoughts and feelings can be nuanced. While we think our outlook is positive, we keep looking at or talking about where our animal is not where we want them to be. Thus our desire for healing and recovery is conflicted by our attention to the unwanted and illness persists. This isn't to suggest that their condition is our fault, but as part of this co-creative process we bring our beliefs along with us. Whether a miracle seems to manifest as a Godly intervention or an inspired choice of treatment it needs a launching point. Our belief in this animal's ability to heal is a very good place to begin.

Taking essences ourselves can facilitate this:

Grass Widow (flower essence) helps soften and release beliefs and patterns that hamper outcomes. Particularly those ingested from mass consciousness or with flawed interpretation. Is the glass half empty or half full?

Maya (Goddess essence) lifts the veil of opinion and illusion. Seeing the situation with a fresh outlook.

Celestite (gem essence) releases the fear of experiencing a new way of thinking and enhances our subtler perspectives.

Whale (sea essence) gifts us with deeper insight and connection to all that is possible through the Third Eye and Crown chakras and Microcosmic Orbit of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This expanded consciousness can free us from the constraints to miracle readiness.

Tourmaline (gem essence) refines accessibility to higher frequency information and guidance.

Viburnum (flower essence) strengthens trust in our innate knowing or intuition.

As a cooperative piece of our animal's healing, being open to miracles may just bring the surprising and welcomed. Regardless, it is a wonderful platform from which to experience all of life's possibilities.


Maryanne Campeau

Maryanne Campeau is a Pacific Essence Facilitator and Energy Medicine Practitioner specialising in animal care. She facilitates the Complementary Care Programme at the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) in British Columbia and writes a monthly article in the Pacific Essences newsletter.

Note from Fleurs de Vie: Miracle readiness extends to all aspects of our life!

Wild Earth Animal Essences Workshop

Daniel MapelRe-discover the magic of the world thanks to animal essences with Daniel Mapel, creator of the Wild Earth Animal Essences, in Paris on the 21st and 22nd of March 2015.

In his worshops Daniel Mapel creates a healing space where the essences and the connection with the animals can be felt. He makes the animal spirits come to life and his teachings reveal a deep comprehension of the hidden world of animal magic. The quality of this connection, amplified by the animal essences, can help us softly heal deep wounds that stem from childhood, to re-discover and share joy!

Saturday: introduction to the animal essences (and creation of an animal essence)

Sunday: rediscover the innocence and wisdom of your inner child (deepening the healing of your inner child).

To download the registration form (in French), click here.

Information and inscriptions: ART'STELLA

Tel: 01 42 71 11 78 and email:

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