Creating the future

Excerpt from the Autumn 2008 Newsletter

« Make your life a dream, and your dream a reality »
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As the circumstances of our lives and the world around us are continually changing, it helps to have a clear vision of what we would like our future to be. The experiences of our past can guide us provided we learn from them and integrate these lessons in the present. Then from the present we can create the future. We might not know how to get there but we should know where we want to go.

Some people are so blinded by their present situation or the negative events of the past that they find it inconceivable to envisage a better future. Creating a positive picture of your future and holding that vision is well worth the effort. Here are 5 steps to help you on your way.

Leave the past behind

People live in the past, either through nostalgia because it was so much better than today, or because they are caught up in unhealed traumas and dramas. Being stuck in the past is a major roadblock to happiness and wellbeing.

Learning the lessons from our past experiences helps us build a strong foundation for the present and the future. When we talk about learning life lessons this does not mean blaming others, or ourselves but rather seeing what our experiences tell us about ourselves, why we always seem to attract the same situations, people etc. We can then envisage new scenarios for a better future.

Some essence suggestions: Honeysuckle (DEVA) remains one of the best essences for freeing us from the nostalgia of the past. Prickly Wild Rose (Alaskan) helps us let go of past difficulties and painful situations and look forward to the future with joy, optimism and excitement. Weigela (Pacific) helps us to make sense of our experiences. It allows us to see others as our teachers and mirrors which reflect back to us our own negative, and positive, patterns. Wild Pear (South African) clears congested negative emotions, facilitates forgiveness, acceptance and integration of the past. It helps us to realize that by refusing to forgive others we harm ourselves more than anyone else. Sturt Desert Pea (Australian Bush) helps release any long held grief, loss and sadness so that we can move on with our life.

Be happy now

Don’t fall prey to the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome. Many people have a whole list of conditions that must be met before they will allow themselves to be happy. Be courageous, don’t wait, be happy now. Count your blessings, be grateful for life and all its wonders. It is much easier to create a positive image of the future if you are happy.

Some essence suggestions: Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) and Gratitude (Wild Earth Animal combination) help us take delight and pleasure in the details and little things in life; to be grateful for and aware of the blessings in every moment. Lily of the Valley (Pacific) brings us back to that state of childlike innocence and wisdom where we respond to life with the loving energy of our hearts. Jellyfish (Pacific) connects us with the rhythms of our being, and prevents rigid emotional and mental patterns from interfering with our experience of the now. Coconut (Spirit-in-Nature) imparts a vibration of living in the present, being willing to take risks, and doing what we know to be the right thing, no matter how difficult.

Give and receive

Be generous with your time, your smile, your money. Engage in random acts of kindness, do a good deed or two every day. Being generous opens you to receive abundance from both expected and unexpected sources. Some people always give, but feel uncomfortable accepting from others. Remember: we deserve to be happy and live an abundant life.

Some essence suggestions: Peach (Spirit-in-Nature) helps us be sensitive to the needs of others, to give freely without condition. Agapanthus (South African) shows us that our only limits are those we impose upon ourselves. We can have everything we want if we open to receive it. But fear and avarice block our abundance. Blueberry Pollen (Alaskan) helps us identify and release deeply held beliefs that we do not deserve to receive abundance. Polyanthus (Pacific) dissolves feelings of unworthiness that keep us from welcoming abundance into our life. It also reminds us to be grateful for whatever abundance we already have. Nénuphar Blanc (DEVA) helps us realise that real wealth lies in sharing, that we are not impoverished but enriched by what we give to others.

Be clear what you want

For example if you want to change jobs, don’t just say “I want a new job”. Think of all the aspects of the job you want to have. You might want the job to be interesting, well-paid, close to your home, with friendly, competent colleagues. Make a list, be as detailed as possible so that the Universe knows what to send your way. Don’t try to map out how you will get from here to there. Just see the final result in your mind’s eye. Be alert to any signs or “coincidences” - they may be the Universe leading you in the right direction.

When deciding what we want our future to be, it is useful to tap into our highest guidance and to reflect on our life purpose. We might find that the future we envisage is very different from the life we are currently living.

Some essence suggestions: Purple Fluorite (Crystal Energy) imparts mental clarity and focus that allows us to receive clear guidance and information from our Higher Self. Diamond (Crystal Energy) helps us see clearly where we need to make changes and what it is that will make our heart sing. Ruby Zoisite (Crystal Energy) helps us to turn inward to hear the voice of our heart and our highest guidance. It acts as an anchor, ensuring that our inner and our outer self are in harmony. Petunia (South African), Goatsbeard (Pacific) and Boronia (Australian Bush) are all essences for creative visualization. They help us to picture a clear image of what we want so that it will be quicker and easier to manifest.

Think positive

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to stay positive. We are surrounded by so much negativity, unhappiness and fear that it is not easy to remain positive. However, it is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves and for the world. We can choose to be positive and keep our spirits up regardless of the circumstances surrounding us.

Avoid enumerating all the reasons why you think you cannot have the future you want. This is an extremely self-sabotaging behaviour and has the effect of cancelling out the positive energy with which you have surrounded your vision of the future.

Some essence suggestions: Wattle (South African) and Sunshine Wattle (Australian Bush) help us to be optimistic about the future, regardless of what experiences we have had in the past. Yucca (South African) and Southern Cross (Australian Bush) both transform feelings of victimhood and self-pity into a positive attitude of responsibility for the course of our lives. Auric protection essences such as Guardian (Alaskan combination) or Protection (Wild Earth Animal combination) are very useful for those who are particularly sensitive to the negative energy and pessimistic thoughts of others.


We encourage you to leave the past behind, be happy now, give and receive, be clear what you want and think positive. It will help you create the wonderful future you deserve.