Excerpt from the Summer 2003 Newsletter

Creativity is not a gift reserved for artists. It is an inner talent that we all possess. It is the ability to create our lives anew every moment. To see the infinite possibilities in every situation. To bring forth beauty and harmony. To think outside the box of societal conditioning.

We might feel that we have no creative talents or abilities. This is not true. It may be that our training and education from childhood onwards has stifled our creativity. Or that we do not have the confidence to recognise the creativity within us.

While we all have the potential to be creative, people who we recognise as truly creative often have the following traits in common: they accept ambiguity, they are open to new experiences, they are independent thinkers, they are flexible in their perception and they listen to and follow their intuition.

There are many essences that address creativity, as well as others that can help us cultivate in ourselves the above traits that facilitate creative thinking.

Freshwater Mangrove (Australian Bush) is an important essence for opening up to new ideas and ways of viewing the world. It encourages a healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs. Blue Camas (Pacific) is for acceptance and objectivity. It balances the intuitive and the rational by unifying the right and left brain. Bush Fuchsia (Australian Bush) improves one’s access to intuition. It helps a person to trust their own ‘gut’ feelings. It allows for balance between the logical/rational and the intuitive/creative. Maidenhair Fern (South African) facilitates hearing the still, small voice within and turning to it for inner guidance, rather than depending on external support. Lily of the Valley (Pacific) and Muguet (DEVA) put us in touch with that place within ourselves that existed before our lives were complicated by “shoulds” and all the other layers of conditioning we learned in order to survive and to get love and approval.

Traditionally the second chakra, or sacral chakra, has been linked to issues of creativity. When the second chakra is balanced we are open and comfortable with others. We know how to release the past, which allows us to experience all the new things that life has to offer. The colour of the second chakra is orange, and the essences of orange flowers often affect this chakra and our creativity.

Chakra 2 (Terre & Cosmos) and the following essences are related to our creative endeavours. Courgette (DEVA) stimulates feminine creativity, especially when it has been stifled by difficult social or cultural surroundings. Orange Honeysuckle (Pacific) releases blocks to the creative force and thereby diffuses the frustration, or even anger, which arises when creative expression is thwarted. Giant Protea (South African) clears the chakras, simultaneously activating the will and harnessing the spiritual forces, in order to allow the free flow of creativity.

All irises enhance creativity. Iris (DEVA), eliminates frustration due to a lack of inspiration or feelings of imperfection. It encourages creativity in people who have repressed their artistic talents.

Hooker's Onion (Pacific) acts as a catalyst for creative expression and lightens the heart. It helps to dissolve writer’s block. Creative Essence (Australian Bush) inspires creative and emotional expression in a gentle and calm way and gives courage and clarity in public speaking and singing. Turkey Bush (Australian Bush) helps to move through creative blocks and discouragements. Watermelon (Green Hope Farm) helps to amplify our creative energies in a big way, through encouragement and support, as well as access to a deep inner pool of creativity.

Creativity Essence (South African) enables us to access and express our creativity in every aspect of our lives, from the most mundane to the most spiritual. Rabbit (Wild Earth Animal) nurtures creativity and manifestation in all aspects of one’s life. Lady's Mantle (Green Hope Farm) supports all aspects of a creative project from conception to launch. This essence is for sheltering, cradling and nurturing our insights, ideas, visions and dreams until we are ready to move them forward into creative self-expression. Beaver (Wild Earth Animal) facilitates planning, creating and problem solving. It is especially supportive when beginning new projects.