Newsletter - October 2013


Yin Yang HarmonyWhen I reflect on what we most need in our lives the word that first comes to mind is “harmony”. Of course, we also want our lives filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity and good health, but I think that the precursor of all these things is harmony. To be in harmony with our surroundings, with ourselves, with life itself. One of the things that keeps us from achieving this state of harmony is the need to control. We do our best to control our environment so that everything runs smoothly and there are no unpleasant surprises. But this constant vigilance is a double edged sword. By wanting to control every aspect of our lives we block the flow of energy and interfere with the harmony of the universe. When we resonate with our environment, enter into harmony with it, then new doors open and new possibilities present themselves.

Here are some essence suggestions that encourage a state of harmony.

Harmony essence (South Africa) stills the mind, calms, brings emotional clarity and serenity. It lifts us to a level where we have a different perspective. It helps us to feel connected to the wholeness of all that is.

Harmonie (Ile de Lumière) helps us to listen to our hearts and trust in our intuition. The harmony and balance that we all seek is to be found in the love of our hearts rather than in the confusion of our thoughts.

Possibilités infinies (Ile de Lumière) Life is a wonderful adventure filled with infinite possibilities that are constantly opening and closing around us. This combination essence helps us to find the balance needed to perceive the synchronicities that show us the way and to appreciate the miracles that result.

The Arbor Garden (Green Hope Farm) holds the vibration of harmony, peace and Oneness which reminds us that we can let things unfold as they are meant to unfold, full of a calm certainty that all things are working for our highest good.

Chalice Well (Alaskan) connects us to the angelic, elemental, plant and mineral kingdoms. It reminds us that we are a part of the web of life and we can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we need help to take the next step on our life path.

Madagascar (Light Frequency) embodies a gentleness and harmony that helps create a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance and activates the highest possibility of our every aspect.

Malachite (Alaska) helps align and harmonise the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our Being; supports the unity of our Being in all circumstances.

Snowberry (Pacific) dissolves resistance to "what is" and gently leads us to acceptance. Situations and experiences may not appear to "make sense." Nonetheless we can embrace them wholeheartedly. Snowberry guides us to this place of being fully alive in the moment.

Twin Flower (Pacific) is about non-judgment. Making judgments leads to rigidity and resistance. We can only release judgment when we are peaceful with ourselves, then we can greet every situation with a breath of release. It promotes an awareness that it is all much bigger than we are able to perceive and understand.

Seal (Wild Earth) as the great teacher of ease and effortlessness, supports us in learning to put forth effort and then allowing things to unfold naturally. For flowing through life with grace and ease.

Pacific Essences in 7,5 ml bottles

Over the years certain people have expressed an interest in buying the small 7,5 ml bottles of the Pacific flower, sea and mineral essences. Normally we do not carry these small bottles as they are very expensive in comparison with the 25ml bottles.

Following the recent Pacific Essences workshops in the Poitou Charente region, we are pleased to announce that it will now be possible to special order the complete sets of the flower, sea or mineral essences in the 7,5ml bottles. In addition you can select a box of 12 essences of your choice in the 7,5 ml size, and Sabina has agreed to offer the same price as for the complete sets, i.e. 115 € for a box of 12 essences which is 9,58 € a bottle (normal price would be 12,38 €). However, you cannot mix the essences, it must be 12 flower, or 12 sea or 12 mineral essences.

Please contact us if you are interested in this offer.

Our special offers

Love system

Love SystemTake advantage of our special 15% reduction on the 10 new Love System products. Offer good through 15 November, while stocks last, for internet orders only.

LOVE SYSTEM is the new line of skin and body care products developed by Australian Bush. These organic formulas help you take care, love and respect your body, they encourage you to connect with your soul and to love and express who you are. The products contain organic botanicals, plant butters, exotic oils and herbs, rose stem cells and Australian Bush flower essences.

Oral sprays

Emergency Essence Oral SprayTake advantage of our special offer – 16€ (normal price 18€). Offer good through 15 November, while stocks last, for internet orders only.

Australian Bush has a range of 7 oral sprays: Body Love, Calm & Clear, Cognis, Confid, Dynamis, Emergency and Woman. These attractive 20ml sprays easily slip into a pocket or handbag and are a convenient way to carry your essences with you as you go about your day. They also make taking essences easier and more discreet. Just 2 sprays on the tongue, anytime, anywhere.