Excerpt of the November 2012 Newsletter

Our lives seem so complicated. If only we could simplify. We are determined to hang on to all of the things that we think are important or that our societal conditioning has taught us are important, how we should act, what we should be doing, and how we and the people around us should be living our lives.

Sometimes it is beneficial to take a step back, get some perspective and let go of our pre-conceived notions about ourselves and others. By letting go we simplify and by so doing, we make room for something better to come in.In order to do this we need to: take time for ourselves so that we can hear that quiet voice within and reflect on what is really for our greatest and highest good;
have the courage to let go of what no longer serves us, whether it be thoughts, habits, relationships etc. no matter what those around us might think;
learn to trust our intuition and remain open to receiving from both expected and unexpected sources.

Here are a few essences that can be of assistance.

Calm and Clear (Australian Bush combination) encourages us to slow down, take time for ourselves and relax. Red Huckleberry (Pacific) helps us to withdraw from the rush of our daily lives, all the things we think are so important, to a place of introspection and regeneration. Grass Widow (Pacific) helps us question our beliefs and change them if they are not working for us. Ruby (Crystal Energy) gives us the courage to move beyond customs and beliefs that no longer serve us without feeling uprooted and lost.

Lily of the Valley (Pacific) helps us to listen with the ears of the heart and gives us the courage to express ourselves with clarity, trust, simplicity and ease. Viburnum (Pacific) gives us the ability to really hear that “still, small voice within” and to be willing to trust it. Evolution (DEVA combination) helps us abandon ways of being and behaviours which are no longer appropriate to the present. Empower (Wild Earth Combination) encourages us to claim our authentic, inner power.

And of course all of the many Abundance essences help us to eliminate poverty consciousness, and self doubt, while encouraging self worth, and a willingness to receive so that we can live our lives to the fullest.