The Alaskan Fireweed Essences

Excerpt from the June 2012 Newsletter

Fireweed is a very versatile plant and among the Alaskan range we have three different types of Fireweed.

The “normal” Fireweed is linked to the Fire element. It is one of the first plants to recolonise the land after a fire. For humans, Fireweed essence stimulates the renewal of energies on all levels of our being, encouraging us to release anything that is no longer appropriate or useful in our lives, freeing us from the limitations of the past. It is particularly important for those who have burned up their vital life energies through prolonged struggle or misuse.

The second fireweed in the Alaskan range is River Beauty. It is linked to the Water element, helping to renew the land after a flood. Floods are symbolic of great cleansing and radical change. It is extremely useful for regaining emotional balance after an accident or catastrophic event, especially those involving the loss of life and property. It helps us to clear unexpressed grief and sadness from our bodies.

The third fireweed is White Fireweed. This plant is a botanical anomaly with white flowers and is a response from the plant kingdom that there is a need on the planet for profound emotional healing. In his 33 years in Alaska, Steve Johnson has only encountered White Fireweed 4 times. White Fireweed is very calming to the emotional body after recent shocks and trauma but most importantly it supports the complete healing of any painful experiences from the past by removing their energetic imprint from our cellular memory. White Fireweed helps those who hang on to their pain. It encourages us to surrender our emotional pain and trauma in exchange for a pure matrix of healing energy.

All of the Fireweed essences are available individually. For any period of intense transformation and change, they are available in a combination essence called Fireweed Combo.