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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Aries 21st March - 20th April

(reprinted with permission from the March 2010 edition of The Essence)

AriesEach Sun Sign can be roughly equated to a life phase, and Aries is the baby of the zodiac. In the Northern Hemisphere, where western astrology originated, 21st March is the Spring Equinox, the official start of the solar year, as Mother Earth stirs from her long wintry sleep. It is a time of new beginnings and new life - green shoots, blossoms, birth. Everything is fresh, shiny and new. There is an air of optimism, renewal and hope - an awareness of all the possibilities contained by this new year, and in the new life that we see all around. This is also the energy of Aries.

POSITIVE QUALITIES Fearless, pioneering, honest, energetic, enthusiastic, independent, generous, confident, inspirational, passionate, decisive and idealistic. Natural leaders who 'get the ball rolling'.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES Impulsive, naïve, arrogant, impatient, bossy, aggressive, violent, obstinate and extravagant.

If you study ancient Roman mythology you will see these traits embodied in Mars, the God of War, and ruler of Aries. According to Carl Jung, myths are archetypes; stories reflective of actual personality types - their strengths, weaknesses and challenges, and the way to resolve these. Myths can be viewed as therapeutic stories.

Equally, the Bush Essences, as medicines for the emotions, can be used to help heal and bring into balance the negative traits of any sun sign, allowing the positive traits to be more easily expressed. For each sign, there are certain flowers that are frequently needed, and these can be viewed as constitution remedies.

Black-Eyed Susan is a very important flower for Aries. It is very useful for rushing, something Aries are renowned for, so it helps them to slow down (and smell the roses). Unchecked, this tendency to speediness can become impatience or impulsiveness and can further escalate into frustration, anger and aggression. As the mind goes, energy flows - an imbalance in the thoughts and emotions will ultimately be reflected in the physical body, in a very predictable manner. Physically, rushing can manifest as hyperactivity, clumsiness, stress, burnout, aggression, violence or accidents. Bolting down one's food leads to indigestion. Black-Eyed Susan addresses all these issues at a causal level. Antarctic Essence is also very appropriate.

Mountain Devil too, is very high on the list of Essences for fiery Aries. If impatience has progressed into anger, aggression, violence or hatred, Mountain Devil is called for. It is also very good for the Aries tendency to become overly ambitious and overly competitive (they like to win). With fire comes passion, and at times jealousy - which Mountain Devil will also help soothe. In western herbal medicine, anger is held in the spleen; in Chinese Medicine anger is held in the liver. Either way, I have found Mountain Devil very useful for assisting to restore health in these organs. In medical astrology, the spleen is ruled by Aries, and is vulnerable under stress, so therefore needs to be especially supported. Mountain Devil supports the spleen energetically, and therefore physically.

Aries natives are at risk of burnout. They have so much natural energy that, like children, they go and go and go, and then suddenly they drop. Usually, following a good sleep they awaken refreshed - and off they go again. However, as with the young, Aries can take this enormous vitality for granted, and get into a habit of burning the candle at both ends. They'll get away with this for quite some time, especially in their youth. Sooner or later though, it will catch up. Down they go in a flaming burnt out heap of squandered energy. Macrocarpa is the flower they need to get back up again (Aries always gets back up again). Better still, give Macrocarpa before they crash and burn (prevention is better than cure). Macrocarpa also brings with it the wisdom to 'eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired' - to leave something in reserve, to husband your energy well. Macrocarpa is specific for balancing the adrenal glands, another of the vulnerable organs in Aries.

It has to be said that Aries is not naturally the most elegant of signs. Like children, they can be socially inept, gauche and naïve. Kangaroo Paw is very beneficial for helping them develop and grow in this direction. The tendency to rush can bring physical clumsiness no matter what their age. Apart from Black-Eyed Susan to slow down, try some Bush Fuchsia to help improve their physical coordination.

Fortunately we have Mulla Mulla to help Aries with their tendency to frequently burn themselves - on the iron, cappuccino machine, stovetop, oven, kettle... you get the idea. Put it on the outside and give it on the inside. Leave a bottle in the kitchen. Aries often have a reddish tinge to their hair, courtesy of their ruling planet Mars. This can bring the temper to match, and a tendency to sunburn. Try Mulla Mulla before, during and after sun exposure.

There are several other Essences that deserve a quick mention - Gymea Lily if they have become bossy or domineering, Isopogon to learn from their mistakes, and Wedding Bush to help them complete their projects (not just start them). And of course Emergency Essence - this enthusiastic, fiery, loyal, adventurous, clumsy trail blazer, with an appetite for life and the exuberance of youth, is going to need it. Oh, and some Calm and Clear + Mountain Devil for when they are driving.

Copyright Linn Wiggins

The Promise of Spring

Reproduced from the Pacific Essences Newsletter, written by Sabina Pettitt

Pacific Logo"Everywhere I look there is colour, splashed over the new greens of spring. Our rose garden is a blanket of Purple Crocus and Yellow Crocus with an abundance of the blue of Grape Hyacinth not far behind. For the past few weeks there has been something new to notice and appreciate almost every day. And with this kaleidoscope of colour more light and sound as well. There is expectancy and promise in the air.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), spring is the season of rebirth and rapid growth. Already the first flowers of spring, the Snowdrops, have vanished from the landscape. Spring is probably one of the most dramatic and noticeable transitions in the 5 element cycle of the seasons of the year - such a distinct contrast between the grey and cold of winter into the warm sunlight and colour of spring.

According to 5 element theory in TCM, Spring is the Wood element. In the body it is found in the muscles and tendons - our capacity to move and go forward and express ourselves. It is connected to the sense organ of the eyes and grants us the possibility of seeing where we might direct our energies in order to fulfill our potential. It relates to the emotion of anger which is how we may feel if we are lost and not "on purpose" in our lives. And remember there are variations on anger. For instance depression can be anger turned inward against oneself. Frustration at not being where we want to be is another aspect of the emotion of anger as it relates to the Wood element. Becoming addicted to something - substances to avoid feeling our anger frustration or depression is also a key symptom that something is awry and out of balance in the Wood element.

I love the Wood element because it shows me so clearly the unique manifestation of "spirit in all things". And the best things about the manifestation of these conscious energies in the Nature Kingdoms is that they just express their own individual beauty and grace without reference to anything else. A Forsythia is not trying to be a Grape Hyacinth and a Lily of the Valley is not wanting to be a Narcissus. What a lovely gift for humans to consider that we only need to be who we can be. And that each of us has a purpose and a gift to express in this precious incarnation in which we find ourselves.

With love and many blessings

Sabina Pettitt"

Workshops with Ian White

Ian WhiteIan White, the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences will return to Paris in June for two workshops.

Saturday 7 June: Workshop Happy Healthy Kids with the bush flower essences.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

The metaphysical aspects of children, why and how they incarnate and why they choose their parents; the new generation of children - the bridging generation; the role of parents to enhance the full development of the child; developmental stages of children from conception to 12 with associated issues.

Sunday 8 June: Workshop Graceful Ageing with the bush flower essences. This new workshop addresses the major life, health and spiritual issues from age 50 onwards. You can't change your chronological age but you can change your biological age and the quality and richness of your life.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

Physical limitation, movement and co-ordination; digestion; sleep; sexuality; spirituality; releasing negative beliefs around your health and longevity; career and retirement.

The workshops will be in English with translation into French. No pre-requisite for attending. For more information see our Courses and Workshops page or contact Nadia Jacquemin.

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