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Creativity is an inner talent that we all possess. It is not reserved for artists. It is the ability to create our lives anew every moment. To see the infinite possibilities in every situation. To bring forth beauty and harmony. To think outside the box of societal conditioning.

Even though we all possess creative talents and abilities these may have been stifled by our education or life experiences from childhood onward. Sometimes we do not have the confidence to recognise the creativity within us.

While we all have the potential to be creative, people who we recognise as truly creative often have the following traits in common: they accept ambiguity, they are open to new experiences, they are independent thinkers, they are flexible in their perception and they listen to and follow their intuition.

Here are some of the many essences that address creativity:

Alaskan Essences

Wild Iris - opens awareness of our inherent creative potential and our connection to the source of our creativity.
Yellow Paintbrush - facilitates the release of emotional frustrations and feelings of self-limitation that block our creative expression

Australian Bush flower essences

Creative Essence - inspires creative and emotional expression in a gentle and calm way and gives courage and clarity in public speaking and singing.
Turkey Bush - helps to move through creative blocks and discouragements.
Freshwater Mangrove - for opening up to new ideas and ways of viewing the world. It encourages a healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs.

Crystal Energy Essences

Citrine - transforms darkness into light. It is a bridge between one's creativity and the expression of one's love for oneself and the Universe
Orange Calcite - assists us in all our creative (procreative) endeavours by unlocking the creative force within.


Iris - encourages creativity in people who have repressed their artistic talents..
Mélèze - develops creativity and confidence. Helps make decisions, take action and eliminate fear of failure.

Pacific Essences

Orange Honeysuckle - releases blocks to the creative force and thereby diffuses the frustration, or even anger, which arises when creative expression is thwarted.
Hooker's onion - acts as a catalyst for creative expression and lightens the heart. It helps to dissolve writer's block.
Mussel - helps to dissolve tensions generated by anger, thus liberating blocked creative energy.

Petaltone Essences

Aura blue - eliminates creative blockages, stimulates vigorous creative energy.
Creative - helps to structure your energies so that you can create your life, assisting with the relationship between the world of structure and the world of ideas
Pink angel - clarity of thought, innovative thought, inspiration; Opens to higher octaves of creativity. Assists birth and structuring of creative ideas.

South African Essences

Creativity Essence - enables us to access and express our creativity in every aspect of our lives, from the most mundane to the most spiritual.
Giant Protea - for those who are out of touch with their creative energy; activates the will and harnesses the spiritual forces, in order to allow the free flow of creativity.
Pomegranate - feminine identity, feminine creativity
Wild iris - for those who are frustrated, bowed down by the demands of daily life and the material world, out of touch with their creativity

Wild Earth Animal Essences

Eagle - enhances spiritual and creative vision.
Rabbit - nurtures creativity and manifestation in all aspects of one's life.

News and reminders


Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)

These classes are taught in French by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and french speaking countries.

Level 1 Workshops 2019

  • La Montagne (near Nantes) - 18 and 19 mai 2019
  • Geneva - 29 and 30 June 2019
  • Paris - 28 and 29 septembre 2019
  • Tain l'Hermitage - 9 and 10 November 2019  

Level 2 Workshops 2019

  • Sète - 31 August and 1 September 2019
  • Nantes - 16 and 17 November 2019

Contact Nadia Jacquemin at 06 08 80 60 32 -

See the programme (in French) on our web site.

Wild Earth Animal Workshops

Daniel Mapel will return to France in June and September. See details below.

June 1 - 2
La Vallée de Chevreuse (near Rambouillet)
Workshop: Inner Child Healing
Contact: Solene Goubern
Tel: 06 15 79 54 72

June 22 - 23
Thorens-Glières (Haute-Savoie)
Workshop: Level 1 Connecting with Wild Animals as a Source of Wisdom, Power, and Guidance
Contact: Cristel Forel
Tel: 06 86 98 08 25

Special Offer

Take advantage of 15% off on all Petaltone Essences during the month of June. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

Petaltones are a unique range of flower essences that work on multiple levels via evaporation into the chakras and the auric field. They are the creation of David Eastoe, who began making the Petaltone essences in 1992 from English wild flowers that grow in powerful natural settings as well as flowers from the Island of Hawaii. In 2018 he created the Chakra Tone Essences using the energy of plants and the therapeutic energy of sound. The Petaltone Essences are for external use only.

You can learn more about these essences and how to use them on our Petaltone page. Take advantage of our special offer during the month of June to get acquainted with these remarkable essences.