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Libra 24th September - 23rd October

(reprinted with permission from the September 2011 edition of The Essence)

LibraThe symbol for Libra is the scales - weighing things up and finding balance are major themes for them. The symbol also looks like the Harbour Bridge, quite appropriate given these are the diplomats and arbitrators of the zodiac. For Librans, it's all about relationships. They also have a great love of beauty and the fine arts, with many of our artists, singers, classical musicians and designers born under this sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, art and luxury. Many celebrated beauties including models, celebrities, and actors are either Libran or have a strong Venusian influence in their birth chart.

Balanced Libran energy is polite, friendly, charming, soothing, gracious, cultured, stylish, unhurried, gentle, understanding, helpful and strategic. Librans like to weigh a question from all sides before making a decision. Their scales can dip to and fro for some time; should they slide into procrastination, Sundew can help them to make up their mind. Jacaranda helps if they are dithering. If this indecision is related to their life purpose, Silver Princess can help.

Conversely, once the decision is made and the scales lock, Librans will hold to their point of view more stubbornly than any Taurean (also ruled by Venus).Those around them may feel the need to give them some Isopogon for this stubborn refusal to budge.

There is a great emphasis on relationships, to the point where they may be at risk of co-dependency - feeling they cannot survive without a partner. Monga Waratah is useful here, giving them the internal sense that they are capable of standing on their own two feet, and the strength to do so.

Similarly, if any staleness or loss of passion begins to creep into their intimate relationship, Librans will feel it most keenly. Bush Gardenia for both partners can often help this, as well as with any feelings of being taken for granted. It helps each person in the relationship be more considerate and romantic towards the other.

Conflict and confrontation do not sit easily with Librans - they may need Tall Mulla Mulla to help them bring difficult topics out into the open.

A rocky patch, the break up of a relationship, or death of a life partner will also hit Librans extremely hard. Red Suva Frangipani is very soothing for the sense of intense raw grief felt at such times, and may be needed for longer than usual. Separations from loved ones can induce pining, and Boronia is good for this.

The endocrine system in general (Dynamis) and the pancreas in particular (Peach-flowered Tea Tree) are the physical vulnerabilities of Libra. The kidneys can also be a weak point, for which Dog Rose is useful.

One of their spiritual lessons is to learn to find a balance between their relationships with others and an over-emphasis on themselves. Should vanity or narcissism be an issue Gymea Lily will help.

These are our artisans, so they have a deep need to express their creative urges. If their creativity is blocked it can be most distressing; Turkey Bush or Creative Essence help get their creative juices flowing again.

Librans at their best are the positive manifestation of Slender Rice Flower; having a keen sense of fairness, great negotiating abilities and a wonderful gift of being able to bring people with divergent agendas to a compromised solution that all can live with. This Essence can help bring these qualities to the fore. Madagascar Essence helps raise this energy up even higher, developing further the ability to live in harmony with others.

Copyright Linn Wiggins

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