Working together

Excerpt from the Spring 2008 Newsletter

We all belong to various communities or groups - our immediate family, our extended family, our jobs, our local and regional communities, our country of origin and/or residence, to name but a few. How harmoniously we relate to the other members of these communities or groups is important not only to us as individuals but to the world.

For a group to function at its highest potential, its members should respect each other, be open to the opinions and beliefs of others, be good listeners as well as good communicators. More now than ever, we need to embody these qualities in our interaction with our families, neighbours, co-workers and other groups. By creating an environment of harmony, tolerance and cooperation at the most basic levels of our everyday lives, we set the stage for this energy to expand to the whole of humanity, to Man’s relation to his fellow Man as well as his relation to the Planet.

When we talk of group work, it is not only in the formal sense. Group work takes place anytime we get together with another person, sit down to dinner with our family or discuss the week’s work with a colleague. In all situations we are seeking harmony, mutual respect and cooperation. By embodying these qualities in all of our relationships we are setting an example that hopefully will be reflected back to us by the people we interact with. Here are some essences that can help us to achieve these goals.

Harvest Lily (Pacific) is an essence of expansion and awakening that supports group energy by helping us see another’s point of view. It moves us beyond ego boundaries so that we begin to appreciate that although we are different we are also the same. Freshwater Mangrove (Australian Bush) helps release us from expectations or prejudices which we have been taught, but have not personally experienced. This makes us more open to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts; as well as a healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs.

Slender Rice Flower (Australian Bush) assists group harmony and conflict resolution when individual egos get in the way. It instils humility and open-mindedness that allows for greater co-operation between people for the common good. It has the ability to make an individual aware of the common divinity in all people. Scilla (South African) is another essence that enables us to integrate our personal needs with those of the whole, creating overall harmony and facilitating our collaboration with others for the common good.

Participating fully in a group, whether it be in our family or at work, is not always easy. Indian Pipe (Pacific) gives us the ability to “stand alone in closeness”, so that we can fully participate in the group while maintaining and expressing our own unique qualities of Being. Raccoon (Wild Earth Animal) helps us to move between our various roles (wife, mother, sister, employee, citizen etc) with gentleness and ease.

Wedding Bush (Australian Bush) is for people who have difficulty committing themselves to relationships, whether they be personal, social or business. Prairie Dog (Wild Earth Animal) helps those who are reticent to get involved by encouraging connecting and networking with others, sociability, communal involvement and participation.

People who are particularly sensitive to the energy of others will benefit from taking a protection essence such as Guardian (Alaskan combination), Auric Protection Essence (South African combination), Protection (Wild Earth Animal combination) or Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm combination). This will enable them to participate in a calm and focussed manner without being destabilised by the other energies in the group.

Silver Birch (Pacific) helps eliminate power struggles. When we do not need to control the whole show it is easier to reach agreement. Crassula (South African) is for whose who do not accept any opposition or other point of view. It softens, moderates, and brings gentleness, flexibility and an ability to surrender where appropriate. Lis Martagon (DEVA) is recommended for people who are aggressive or authoritarian. It helps group work and the search for collective solutions by developing the qualities of co-operation, solidarity and the ability to listen to others. Banana (Spirit-in-Nature) instils humility, helps us step back to see the broader perspective and relieves us of the need to have the last word.

Molène (DEVA) and Chinkerinchee (South African) are both essences that can help the members of a group or community to develop a moral code of conduct and values. They encourage awareness of our inner voice and conscience that results in unity and group harmony. Yellowwood (South African) allows the emergence of the positive qualities of leadership: focus and enthusiasm, the ability to inspire others, the willingness to take responsibility.

Communication is an important part of ensuring that a group or family functions for the benefit of all concerned. Twinflower (Alaskan) is indicated when we are defensive or reactive towards others and have difficulty understanding what they are saying. It helps us learn to listen and speak to others from a place of inner calm and focused neutrality. When we are unable to express anger in a clear and nonviolent way, it is difficult to resolve conflicts, especially in group situations. Blue Elf Viola (Alaskan) helps us to diffuse the energy surrounding emotionally charged issues and clear the air for a graceful resolution of the situation.

Turquoise (Crystal Energy) and Lamb's Quarters (Alaskan) are two essences that balance the energies of the heart and the mind to promote communication that harmonises the rational and intuitive aspects of our Being. This opens the way for better relations among all the members of the group.


Wondering where to begin? Start with yourself. Select the essences that speak to you. Take them for three weeks and see if your experiences have changed. If people around you are open to the idea, you might ask everyone to choose the essences they feel most drawn to and take them for several weeks before the meeting (or dinner party or family gathering). You could also make a combination essence for the group as a whole.

Space clearing essences such as Espace Spray (Terre & Cosmos) - this essence is not available anymore -, Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush) or Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie) can also contribute to harmonious family gatherings or work meetings. You will be surprised how much cooperation and good will can be generated simply by clearing the energy in your home or office.