Changing the world

Excerpt from the Winter 2007 Newsletter

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

Modern science, particularly quantum physics, seems to confirm what many ancient spiritual texts have proclaimed for thousands of years: we are all One, all connected. What happens to one of us affects us all.

The Divine Matrix: bridging time, space, miracles and belief by Gregg Braden (Hay House, ISBN 978-1-4019-05705) presents an easy to understand description of current scientific theories and their application to our everyday world. Braden describes various scientific experiments that illustrate how everything is connected at the quantum level, and that our emotions have a direct effect on our DNA.

In one experiment, a group of people in the Middle East were trained to put themselves into a state of inner peace. While in this state there was a measurable decrease in the amount of violent crime and accidents. This shows that when a relatively small number of people (the square root of one per cent of any given population) change their own state of consciousness, this is reflected in the environment. We are not just passive observers, but active participants in the creation of the world around us.

How we choose to think, how we formulate our intentions and where we place our attention can change the world. We may feel helpless when we see the chaos and craziness around us, but we all want the world to be a better place. We can contribute to making this happen by choosing to be positive, loving human beings in all situations, by being grateful for what we have instead of unhappy about what we don’t have. It is our thoughts and emotions that determine how we view the world and we can choose what to think and how to feel. By choosing to be optimistic and grateful we can have a positive effect on everything around us.

Masaru Emoto (The Message from Water), is a Japanese scientist who has documented the effect of our thoughts and emotions on the formation of crystals in frozen water molecules. Taping a negatively charged word such as « hate » to the side of a bottle of water will disrupt the crystallisation while the word « love » will enhance the crystallisation of the water molecule into a beautiful pattern. Imagine what we are doing to our health and well-being as well as our environment by harbouring positive thoughts and emotions !

It is not enough to talk about how we would like the world to be a better place. To really make a difference we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. We must become loving, compassionate, forgiving, grateful human beings. As we hold the light of our convictions, others will also being to transform. This is how we change the world: one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

Through consciousness we create our reality. By being conscious of our Unity with all that is, we become more sensitive to our environment. We realise that what we do to others, we in fact do to ourselves. And vice versa. So be kind and forgiving, be optimistic and grateful - to yourself and to others. By these simple acts you are sowing the seeds of change for a better world.

Here are a few essence suggestions to help you on your way.

  • Sunshine Wattle (Australian Bush) - for seeing the beauty and joy in the present moment.
  • Willow (Alaskan) - taking responsibility for your life.
  • Fuchsia (Pacific) - letting go of dysfunctional patterns.
  • Yucca (South African) - moving forward with joy and forgiveness.
  • Pink Tecoma (Green Hope Farm) - imparts a sense of love, comfort and security that helps you face life challenges with a sense of optimism and confidence.
  • Chalice Well (Alaskan, environment) - a reminder that you are a part of the web of life and can draw upon this matrix of support whenever you need help.
  • Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) - being grateful, appreciative, and open hearted.
  • The Arbor Garden (Green Hope farm combination) - holds a vibration of Oneness, harmony, grace and sanctuary, for any situation where you have forgotten your Oneness.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline (Crystal Energy) - reflects the energy of the heart - love for oneself and compassion for all Beings.
  • Sydney Rose (Australian bush) - feeling safe and at peace with the realisation that we are all One.