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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Aquarius 21st January-19th February

(reprinted with permission from the September 2012 edition of The Essence)

AquariusAquarius is an Air sign. Aquarians walk to the beat of a different drum. Often highly intelligent, they can be deep thinkers, seeing the world as it could be. Many forward or abstract thinkers, inventors, environmentalists, radicals and humanitarians are born under this sign. They can be highly eccentric and bohemian, dwelling on the fringe of society where they challenge the status quo. They ask the rest of humanity to question "life as we know it". Their innovative thought processes often come up with unusual solutions that are way ahead of their time. This is a sign aligned with the future, technology and the outermost reaches of the cosmos. If ET arrives, they were probably involved in calling him, and will be first in line to do the meet and greet.

Aquarians are full of contradictions. This is immediately evident in their symbol "The Water Bearer", not exactly the obvious choice of symbol for an Air sign. Their ruling planet is Uranus, which sort of rolls its way around the solar system in an orbit described by astronomers as "weird". Uranus was viewed by the ancients as the harbinger of earthquakes and revolutions - the great "shaker up" of the planet, nations, institutions and individuals - out with the old and in with the new. Its influence has been particularly strong these last few years; with planetary, world and personal events reflective of this.

Aquarians are not overly fond of rules and regulations, so can have rebellious and defiant tendencies. Red Helmet Orchid is very good for this, especially in the younger years. It is also useful for those pushing boundaries in an unhealthy way. In the extreme, this can become anarchism, for which Illawarra Flame Tree is useful. Aquarians are different and like to stand out from the crowd. Illawarra Flame Tree helps them to do this in a positive and balanced manner, coming from a place of inner security and self esteem, rather than in a destructive way that is designed to shock others just for the sake of it.

Their heads can be very busy, even as children; at times you can almost hear their brain humming like an electrical sub-station. This can keep them awake long into the night. Black-eyed Susan and Boronia are very good to help quiet their mind. These flowers are both in the Calm and Clear combination and also the Soothing Body Lotion. Massaging the hands or feet with either of these creams is good to help them switch off before sleep.

Aquarians are very social, loving to have a lot of people around, so they often have a wide social circle and are involved in community or charity work. At the same time they may keep most people at a distance emotionally, because they feel more comfortable with ideas and concepts than feelings. They may have difficulty verbalising their emotions or being physically demonstrative. Flannel Flower can help with both these issues, allowing them to talk about their feelings and feel more comfortable with physical touch.

Geniuses are not uncommonly born under this sign. If the focus is solely on academic achievement when they are children, they will miss out on the usual social interaction. This, along with their innate aloofness, may lead to a degree of social awkwardness. Kangaroo Paw can help them become more socially adept and to read social cues more easily. This is one of the flowers in the Adol Essence combination.

Traditional astrology teaches that Aquarius has an affinity with the veins, meridians and ankles. In mind-body medicine, any problems with physical circulation would suggest a stagnation in social or energetic circulation. Tall Mulla Mulla is useful for getting Qi circulating once more and also to encourage more social interaction. Any problem with the ankles is viewed as a difficulty with flexibility in moving forward. Another of Tall Mulla Mulla's emotional healing qualities is to bring balance to a person's flexibility. Red Grevillea is used if you are feeling stuck (to help you move forward).

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Alchemy of the heart

Alaskan EssencesThe heart is more than an organ that circulates blood throughout the body - it is a multidimensional space where it is possible to receive unconditional love and energetic support from the earth, the spiritual realms, and other living beings, and express this love in return, all in perfect balance.

When our hearts are open and clear we are better able to bring our soul qualities into physical manifestation. However, when pain, trauma, and fear impact our hearts, it is more difficult for us to remain open to the guidance of our higher selves and the nurturing energy of the earth, and to live our lives with love, compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.

The Alchemy of the Heart workshop will be presented by Steve Johnson in Paris on 15-16 March. It will give you the opportunity to participate in the co-creation of a healthy environment that will encourage this alchemical process for each participant. Special attention will be given to the exploration and healing of the inner dimensions of our hearts, with the help of the Alaskan flower, gem and environmental essences. More specifically the workshop will some explore key issues and challenges of our life lesions:
- the relation between the heart, the higher self and the spiritual realms
- our connection and grounding to the Earth
- our relation with ourself
- the connection of our hearts with the hearts of others and Nature.

This workshop is open to those who have already followed a workshop with Steve or the introduction day on the 14th of March. See the Courses and Workshops page, for the complete programme of Steve's workshops.

WAE PawComplementary to the alchemy of the heart is the Heal your inner child workshop which will be presented by Daniel Mapel on 5 and 6 April. At this workshop you will discover tools and processes for moving through and freeing yourself from non-resolved suffering which dates from childhood or more recently. This liberation allows you to (re)discover the power of the sacred and the joy of being alive, and that we are all pure, conscious Beings connected to the Divine. During the workshop you will be assisted by the animal kingdom and notably the new series of Wild Child baby animal essences which are Daniel's latest creation. He will present them and give you the opportunity of working with them directly. All the while playing, laughing and celebrating with joy! You can read a participants account of the workshop in our June 2013 newsletter.

This workshop is open to those who have already taken workshops with Daniel or the introduction day on 4 April. The complete programme (in French) can be found on the Courses and Workshops page.

You will also find on the Courses and Workshops page information and programmes for the workshops of Nadia Jacquemin and Ian White on the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Special Offer

Pacific EssencesDuring the month of February take advantage of our 10% reduction on all Pacific flower essences, sea essences and gem essences. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

Pacific Essences was founded on the West coast of Canada in 1983 by Sabina Pettitt. Pacific Essences a range of essences from the plant, sea and mineral kingdoms. They are subtle energy imprints of their source which can impact on the human energy system in a life supporting way. They can have an effect on all aspects of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They promote harmony and balance.

In the Pacific range you will find: 48 flower essences made in the pacific north-west on Vancouver Island; 24 sea essences (made with the energetic imprint of sea plants and animals, but destroying no life in the process) and 60 gem essences which are infused with the energy of the sun and the moon. One special feature of the Pacific Essences and what differentiates them from other essences is their correlation with the meridians, the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the chakra system. You will find additional information on the Pacific essences on our web site.

Take advantage of our special offer to get to know, or get to know better, these remarkable essences!