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Gemini 22nd May - 21st June

(reprinted with permission from the September 2010 edition of The Essence)

GeminiThe symbol for Gemini is The Twins, alluding to the dexterous, multi-tasking, adaptable nature of those born under this sign. Perhaps the best way to understand this attribute would be to ponder that the ruling metal for Gemini is Mercury. For those of you old enough to have been given the metal Mercury to explore during school science classes, you will know that it is liquid at room temperature, skates rapidly across any surface - "like quicksilver"- and has a tendency to split into many fragments which then take quite an amount of effort to chase down and reintegrate. Likewise, Geminis think fast, move fast, and can get more things done in a day than any other sign (even Aries). Out of balance though, they can become split, unfocused, scattered and frazzled.

OUT OF BALANCE GEMINI ENERGY Stressed, burnt out, lacking discernment, impatient, changeable, easily bored, fickle, gossipy, sarcastic, superficial, bends the truth, can't switch off mentally.

BALANCED GEMINI ENERGY Adaptable, witty, charming, sociable, agile, intelligent, curious, persuasive, industrious, multi-talented, communicative, playful.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the God of Communication in ancient Roman mythology. Twice a year this planet goes retrograde, meaning it appears to be moving backwards in the sky due to its relative motion to Earth's. This lasts for about 3 weeks each time and is a time renowned for delays, misunderstandings, missed calls, packages going astray, travel delays, getting lost, things breaking and contracts falling over. Good advice is to know when this is happening and make plans to minimise the disruption as much as possible by staying close to home and not buying or signing anything. On the up side, it is a good time to dedicate to anything starting with "re" - repair, redo, reorganise, revisit... For the inevitable frustration as things unravel, take some Black-Eyed Susan, remind yourself you are in the right place at the right time (even if it doesn't seem like it), and give thanks to Mercury for normally keeping things running so smoothly. If this is difficult, try some Pink Flannel Flower.

It is one of the key roles of the Geminis of this world to circulate information - to communicate. Their gift is to be able to talk to just about anyone about anything, and they are both interested and interesting as conversationalists. They have a great deal of charm and often a razor sharp wit. They therefore can make careers in sales, marketing, customer service and within the mainstream media.

Analysing the information they hear and read is not a natural strong point, and the need to do so is often learned the hard way, with discernment being one of the major spiritual lessons for this sign. Angelsword helps enormously with this. Any problems with communication for Gemini natives are going to have a significant impact, and Bush Fuchsia would be appropriate.

On a physical level, Gemini rules the nervous system, the arms, the hands and the lungs. In medical astrology these body parts are most vulnerable when a person is under load - i.e. under pressure these areas will be the most likely to be affected and experience dis-ease. To energetically support them you can use the following Essences: Nervous system - Black-Eyed Susan and Spinifex; Arms and hands - Bush Fuchsia and Flannel Flower; Lungs - Sturt Desert Pea.

Jacaranda is also a very important flower for Gemini, because scatteredness can be one of their greatest downfalls. If you look at the Doctrine of Signatures of the Jacaranda tree, you will see that its branches often criss-cross and go off in many different directions. A person who does this in life, no matter how much energy and talent they have, will not be as effective or successful as they could be, because their efforts are fragmented and erratic. Their endeavours scatter to the four winds, like Jacaranda leaves. However one of the most beautiful aspects of the Jacaranda tree is the gorgeous purple carpet that forms as it drops its flowers; these are quite sticky and stay in a clearly defined area beneath the branches. This is the positive healing quality of Jacaranda - to bring much needed focus and stick-ability. It is also good for those who gossip.

An out-of-balance Gemini is prone to stress, rushing and impatience. If these are chronic, this wreaks havoc with the adrenal glands and the person can be in real danger of physical burnout, so I would also rank Macrocarpa quite high on the list of Gemini flowers. To prevent it going this far in the first place, a daily dose of Calm & Clear will never go astray. A lady in a workshop said we should invent an atomiser to mist Calm & Clear over every person who crosses the threshold of our homes - She was probably living with a Gemini!

For those Geminis with a tendency to become emotionally split, Sundew is good, as are Bluebell, Crowea and Pink Mulla Mulla.

Copyright Linn Wiggins

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