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Welcome to the June 2013 edition of the Fleurs de Vie Newsletter.

Things have been very busy here. We have changed to new billing software which has been much more challenging than anticipated. Many of you will have noticed the new format of invoice in your packages.

We are also working to update the website. I had hoped to have it on-line by end May but my relationship with the company I had chosen to work with was not good so I walked away and started over with another company. This is an example of winning by quitting (see the article below). My plan is that the new site will be available by the end of July.

In this newsletter you will also find information about the upcoming Pacific workshops in the Poitou-Charentes region, the new Alaskan essences on-line repertory, a testimony from the Wild Earth Animal workshops in April and our special offers.

Winning by quitting

A good friend recently described her divorce after 30 years of marriage as winning by quitting. The expression made me smile but nonetheless rang true. How often do we keep trying to hold on to something, to make it work when it clearly isn’t. Sometimes it is better to walk away from a situation even if it means giving up some perceived advantage (money, security, status etc).

It takes courage to admit that something (or someone) is not right for you, or is no longer right for you. It is not easy to break out of old patterns and choose to do what is in your best and highest interest. By choosing to ignore your intuition, by not respecting yourself and your needs, you gain nothing and you may be losing more than you realise.

Winning by quitting can also be accepting a situation that you cannot change with all the good will in the world. It can be deciding to rid yourself of some bad habit or addiction (like smoking or drinking). It can be choosing to stop fighting with your neighbour/colleague/family and to forgive everyone, including yourself. In short in quitting (removing yourself from toxic situations) you win the opportunity to be your highest and best self.

As always there are lots of essences that can help you to win by quitting. Below are a few examples from several essence ranges:

Among the Australian Bush flowers: Five Corners and Sturt Desert Rose will give you confidence in yourself and help eliminate self-sabotaging behaviour, while Bottlebrush will help you accept change.

In the Alaskan range Hairy Butterwort and Bog Rosemary help you listen to and trust your inner guidance and support when faced with a challenging situation or life lesson and Glacier River will help up accept change.

In the Crystal Energy Essences range Diamond is useful when you have important decisions to make. It helps you see clearly, it shines light on any truths that you may be avoiding or illusions that you are holding on to. Ametrine, which is a combination of citrine and amethyst, helps you banish your fears so that you can follow a new path in life.

Among the Deva essences the combination Evolution says it all: during periods of change and transformation, it helps you stay centered and facing the future with courage and confidence.

Green Hope Farm has two combination essences that are very appropriate to our theme: All Ego Contracts Null and Void helps you release old habits, old patterns of behaviour and old ego choices that no longer serve you, while To Thine Own Self Be True helps you understand who you really are, and then supports you in being that person.

Pacific Essences offers the combination essence Being True Worth which helps you acknowledge and accept your strengths and weaknesses; while acknowledging and accepting the strengths and weaknesses of others. One of my favourite essences is Fuchsia – it is an essence of “re-creation”; it helps you let go of dysfunctional patterns so that you can be the change you wish to see in the world. Surfgrass offers courage and strength to achieve your goals.

And finally in the animal kingdom with the Wild Earth Animal Essences Owl helps you see through your darkness to confer clarity so that you can access and act upon your highest wisdom. Lion helps you claim your deepest personal authority and spiritual power, with courage, and fearlessness. Finally and perhaps most importantly Loving Yourself helps you accept, love and care for yourself, just the way you are.

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Pacific Essences workshops

Sabina Pettitt, creator of the Pacific Essences, will give two workshops in Poitou-Charentes at the end of September and the beginning of October. The Pacific Essences differ from other essence ranges as they all have correlations with the meridians and 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the chakras. Knowing how to balance the meridians and elements adds another dimension to the use of essences.

The Level 1 workshop (28-29 September) is for anyone who is interested in essences either as a therapist or someone who takes care of their own health and well-being as well as that of their family. In this workshop you will be study 36 Pacific essences (flower, sea and gem essences) and the 12 meridians. By the end of the workshop you will have a good working knowledge for using the Pacific essences.

The Level 2 workshop (5-6 October) is for those people who wish to learn more about the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the other essences in the Pacific range.

Click here for more information on the contents of these workshops.

The workshops are being organised by l’Association Apprendre par la Kinésiologie - 9 rue Neuve, 79190 Sauzé-Vaussais. For more information contact Catherine Rivaud ( – 0549071768) or Sylvie Pouaty ( – 0549079450).

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Alaskan Living Book

Steve Johnson has just launched his on-line repertory of all the Alaskan Essences which he calls the Living Book. It is a compilation of all of the information currently available on every essence in the Alaskan system. This repertory will be a continually evolving interactive vehicle for the sharing and exchange of information on the Alaskan Essences. It is available on a subscription basis only.

If you are interested in the Alaskan Essences and speak or read English you might want to have a look. You can sign up for a free 3-day trial. Steve kindly gave me advance access to the Living Book which I have been using since April and I have found it very useful and informative. Here is the link:

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Wild Earth Animal workshops

I recently met Corinne who participated in Daniel Mapel’s workshops in April. She was so pleased with them that I asked her to write a testimony to share her experiences with others.

Corinne’s Testimony

“I participated in two of Daniel Mapel’s workshops in April 2013 on the wild earth animal essences and healing the inner child.

The first workshop helped me discover the animal essences and experience deeply what they can provide us with their strength, their power, their gifts. For example, I felt an actual physical opening of the heart with the Wild Horse essence, and experienced a new vision of the world by day-as well as by night with the Owl and Eagle essences. There was a real connection with the animal that enabled me to better get in touch with my conscience, my own nature. I received all the support and generosity of the animals with which I worked. It was pure bliss.

The second workshop on healing the inner child continued to deepen the work begun in the first workshop with the help of the Wild Child baby animal essences. I was able to reconnect with my inner child during the different exercises proposed by Daniel. I found this very effective and completely different from what I have experienced before. I could befriend all the emotions repressed since my childhood and I was able to physically feel and work through them! I found my inner child and I promised never to leave her, to listen to her, and to let her speak. I experienced moments of intense emotions during the workshop due to this re-connection and renewed dialogue with my inner child. Now we will be walking life’s path together!

I loved these two workshops and I thank Daniel from the bottom of my heart for his teaching and his way of leading us to the road to recovery in joy and lightness, love and depth. I also deeply thank all the animals that give us their love, their wisdom, their strength and their gifts. Their help is invaluable and I have a great respect for them.

Since these workshops, I continue to work on my emotions with my animal companions and it is wonderful! My feelings are refined day by day. I am filled with light and love. It's MAGIC, thank you! "

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Special offer

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No additional discounts apply. Offer valid through 31 July 2013 while supplies last. For internet orders only.

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