The Sacral Chakra

Excerpt from the Spring 2007 Newsletter

In our Summer 2006 Newsletter, we began our exploration of the chakras with a close look at the first or root chakra. We now turn our attention to the second chakra, also called the sacral chakra, which is located below the navel, level with the sacrum. It is through the root chakra that we relate to our tribe or society. Through the second chakra we discover who we are by experiencing ourselves in relationship to others, through both our romantic and professional partnerships, and our creative endeavors.

It is through the sacral chakra that we form our individual relationships and emotional connections to others. Chakra 2 (Terre & Cosmos) enhances our spontaneity, creativity, sexuality and receptivity. When the second chakra is balanced we are open and comfortable with others. We know how to release the past, in order to make room for the new things that life has to offer. Pink Seaweed (Pacific) helps us to feel secure in the power of our own being, so that we can move out of our "comfort zone" and adapt to the new.

Sweetgale (Alaskan) helps us identify and release deep emotional pain and tension that undermines the quality of our communication and interactions with others, especially in male/female relationships. Relationship Essence (Australian Bush combination) enhances the quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions, confusion and emotional pain. It helps one express feelings and improve communication. Pearly Everlasting (Pacific) is for deepening our connection to others. It helps those who feel unwilling and/or unable to make a deep and lasting commitment in relationship. Wedding Bush (Australian Bush) is another essence for people who have difficulty in committing themselves to relationships, whether they be personal, social or business.

One of the challenges of the second chakra is to bond and connect with others without losing our identity. Many people are unaware of how strongly they are influenced by other people. One-Sided Wintergreen (Alaskan) helps us to create and maintain functional energy boundaries that are in alignment with our life purpose so that we attract the right people into our lives. Monkshood (Alaskan) provides protection and support for those who have difficulty being in close physical contact with others. It helps one get in touch with the deepest levels of the inner self and strengthens the ability to interact with others by fostering a clear recognition of one’s own identity.

Some people have no emotional boundaries. They absorb the emotions of others to the extent that they are not certain which feelings are their own. Buchu (South African) helps these people to establish boundaries, strengthen their sense of self and clear their auric field.

The sacral chakra holds the energy of creation and procreation: the desire to have children as well as give birth to our creative ideas. Pomegrante (Green Hope Farm and South African or Grenadier DEVA) is one of the best essences for balancing feminine creative and procreative energy. It is particularly useful for women who have conflicting feelings about how to reconcile their role inside the home and in the workplace. It is also useful during puberty, pregnancy and menopause as well as for sexual issues or anything relating to the feminine, procreative forces.

Orange Honeysuckle (Pacific) is a valuable second chakra essence for finding alternative outlets and channels for our creative energy. This is often the case for women going through menopause who have directed a lot of energy into birthing and raising their families. When their children leave home they often feel lost. Orange Honeysuckle helps them redirect this energy into new forms of expression. On the emotional level, it releases blocks to the creative force and thereby diffuses the frustration, or even anger, which arises when creative expression is thwarted. It can also be used to redirect sexual energy into other creative channels.

For other essences that encourage creativity, have a look at our Summer 2003 Newsletter, available online.

A healthy second chakra allows emotional, sexual and creative energy to flow freely throughout the body. Our ability to enjoy intimacy is an attribute of second chakra energy. Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) is for people who are uncomfortable with physical contact and touching. Primarily for men, it fosters a gentleness, softness and sensitivity in intimate relations. Wisteria (Australian Bush and South African) is for women who are uncomfortable with their sexuality.

Sexuality Essence (Australian Bush combination) which contains among other essences both Flannel Flower and Wisteria, helps people enjoy intimacy, while encouraging acceptance of their physical body.

Blushing Bride (South African) has a soft and gentle energy that facilitates intimacy. It is recommended for men who deny their feminine side and for women who are polarised in their masculine side.

Purple Magnolia (Pacific) helps maintain a balanced sexuality and can be used as effectively by those who “crave” sexual activity as by those who withdraw from intimacy.

Vie affective et sexualité (DEVA combination) encourages the expression of feelings and intimacy. It is recommended when sexuality is predominant in a relationship or is not expressed in a balanced way. It facilitates and encourages sexuality as a powerful source of genuine communication between two individuals.

Gazania (South African) is for women who have been conditioned to subjugate themselves and their needs to others. It assists in the expression of suppressed female anger and helps to break down inhibitions and repressive attitudes to sex. It assists women in finding, and freeing, their own power and creativity (combines well with Pomegranate).

Candystick (Pacific) releases blocked energy, anger or frustration that may surround experiences of abortion, miscarriage, birth or sexuality. Fig (South African) helps release feelings of fear or shame related to sexuality, thereby clearing the way for creative expression.

In the mineral kingdom, Dioptase (Crystal Energy) purifies stagnant emotions at the level of the second chakra so as to clarify our intentions and actions towards others. Orange Calcite (Crystal Energy) assists us in all our creative (procreative) endeavours by unlocking the creative force within. It also soothes fiery emotions and encourages calm and coherent communications with others.

From the animal kingdom, Hippopotamus (Wild Earth Animal) provides deep grounding and support for facing unresolved emotional issues. It supports those who need to learn to understand and be with their feelings. Wolf (Wild Earth Animal) assists in defining relationships and setting healthy boundaries with others. It nurtures integrity and the honoring of lifetime commitments.

The sacred truth of the sacral chakra is Honor One Another. All of our relationships help us to evolve and become more conscious of our own strengths and weaknesses. As we explore our sexuality, creativity, emotional attachment and desires, we learn what motivates us to make the choices that determine our path in life. To Honor One Another we must also learn to honor and accept ourselves, which is the lesson of the third chakra.