Welcome abundance into your life

Excerpt from the July 2011 Newsletter

Summer is a good time to think about abundance – are we living an abundant life, do we need more abundance in any particular aspect of our life, do we see an abundant future for ourselves?

Abundance is a state of consciousness. Its energy is loving, trusting, generous, open, creative, confident, and courageous. When we live in a state of abundance we know that there is always enough to go around, that the more we give from the heart, the more we are able to receive. We enhance our abundance by being grateful for all the things in our lives, by concentrating our attention on positive choices instead of focussing on all of the things that we don’t have, or feel we don’t deserve, or think that we have been deprived of unjustly.

It is important not to give in to the fear and the pervasive negative pictures we are bombarded with by the media. If enough people hold a positive vision of the future it can influence the course of events. Solidarity is important. Treat everyone with kindness, consideration and respect. Help others, even if you also need help. This will encourage cooperation and good will on many levels. Don’t lose faith in yourself and know that you can take positive steps to help create your own future.

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Eliminating panic and fear and protecting yourself from the fear and negativity of others will help you to create the space necessary to cultivate abundance. It is a good idea to always have at hand an emergency essence, an auric protection essence and a space clearing essence for your home and office. Click here to read more about energetic hygiene and the essences that are available.