Energetic hygiene

Energetic hygiene is the term we use to describe the process of keeping one’s energy system and energetic environment as clean and pollution free as possible. This is particularly important in today’s world where many people live stressful lives in an energetically polluted environment. Energetic hygiene is comprised of four separate but related aspects: handling shock, protecting the aura, cleaning the aura, and space clearing.

Handling shock

There is growing awareness of the effects of shock on the human energy system. When we receive a shock, whether it be a big or little one, the effect of the shock can stay in our energy system for years and may even be a contributing factor in illness. Most flower essence producers have a flower or flower essence combination in their range that acts as a Rescue essence to eliminate the effects of shock, calm and repair our energy field, erasing fears and bringing a sense of inner peace. These emergency essences are useful for any crisis, panic, emergency or stressful event, including accidents or injury, and the shock of childbirth (for both mother and child).

Taking an emergency essence diluted in a glass of water as soon as possible after an accident or injury or any other shock, keeps your electrical system from shutting down and helps it to repair itself more quickly. This is why it is recommended to always have a bottle on hand in your handbag, briefcase, car, travel kit, medicine cabinet etc.

Here is a list of essences that help us handle shock:

Protecting the aura

Many people assume that everything they think and feel belongs to them. But in fact we are continually picking up feelings and thoughts from other people. We can be contaminated by someone’s anger as easily as their laughter. An increasing number of people are becoming hypersensitive to all forms of negativity whether it be electromagnetic pollution or the negative thoughts and emotions of others.

In order to avoid absorbing or falling prey to the energies of other people or places, we must have a strong aura, which has no holes or weak spots and which does not leak energy. A strong aura will provide a boundary line between our energy system and the outside world. It will ensure that no extraneous energies latch onto us or draw off our strength. Flower essences are an extremely effective way to protect and strengthen the aura.

Some of the essences, which provide a particularly good level of psychic protection are listed below. These essences address various types of auric protection (e.g. mental, emotional, environmental). Depending on the person, several of these essences may be used together, keeping in mind that the essences needed may change over time and depending on the circumstances.

Cleaning the aura

It is useful to find some way of effectively cleansing your aura, at least once a day, if not more often. Below are a few examples of the benefits that can be derived from keeping your aura clear:

Cleansing one’s aura will calm the mind, improve concentration and your ability to think clearly.

Clean your aura if you often wake up in the morning feeling tired and out of sorts. Cleaning the aura as part of your morning routine will lift the gloom and allow you to start the day in a more balanced, light-hearted manner.

Insomnia sufferers are often carrying lots of extraneous energy in their aura. Cleansing the aura before going to bed will often help these people to have a good night’s sleep.

Some of the essences that are effective in cleansing and purifying the aura include:

Space clearing

Everywhere we go there is an energetic charge in the atmosphere around us. It may be positive and uplifting or negative and uncomfortable. Unfortunately we tend to run up against the latter case more often than we realise. We could benefit greatly by paying attention to how we feel in various places and taking the necessary steps to clear the space of any unwanted energy if we feel that this is appropriate. Unwanted energy can be anything from astral entities to the emotional debris from a fight.

Becoming aware of the energetic charge of the space around you is an important way to maintain a healthy balance of your own energies. We think it normal to physically clean our living space, at least once every week or so; we should remember to clean our energetic environment as well.

Many therapists spray their offices between appointments. This ensures that the energy is clean and fresh and does not contain any leftover energetic debris from the previous session. Using a space clearing spray in the office can greatly improve the working environment and general relations between colleagues. It is also useful to clean the energy in hotel rooms when travelling, particularly if you have difficulties sleeping when away from home.

One of the most effective ways of space clearing is to spray with flower essences. Below is a list of essences that can be used for space clearing:

To create a Sacred Space, the Alaskan Essences producer recommends using the four following sprays, in this order: