Newsletter January 2015

Abundance - Dolphin and Whale Encounter - Special Offer


Abundance CardsWe are pleased to start the New Year by introducing the Abundance Cards from Pacific Essences. These 33 cards are beautiful original drawings of children engaged in different activities with inspirational messages to accompany them. They are available in English or French. Designed to stand alone as a kind of intuitive Abundance Programme or to accompany the 22 Day Abundance Programme they can help you to be a little lighter around your perceived obstacles to living in the field of infinite possibilities.

Abundance is a state of consciousness. Its energy is loving, trusting, generous, open, creative, confident, and courageous. When we live in a state of abundance we know that there is always enough to go around, that the more we give from the heart, the more we are able to receive. We enhance our abundance by being grateful for all the things in our lives, by concentrating our attention on positive choices instead of focusing on all of the things that we don't have, or feel we don't deserve, or think that we have been deprived of unjustly.

Abundance is fuelled by love - love for ourselves, for others, for All That Is. When we accept the energy of Abundance we are aware of all the wonderful gifts that Life has to offer. We are generous because we know that we are all connected, so what we give to others we give to ourselves. We also know that the Universe will always provide for our needs.

Lack of abundance is not just about money, we can feel a lack of abundance in many areas - relationships, family, work, health etc. Lack of abundance is fuelled by fear - fear that there is not enough to go around, that we are unworthy, that some aspect of our lives that we see as a limitation will keep us from achieving the abundance we seek.

It is important not to give in to the fear, chaos and craziness around us and the pervasive negative pictures we are bombarded with by the media. If enough people hold a positive vision of the future it can influence the course of events. Solidarity is important. Treat everyone with kindness, consideration and respect. Help others, even if you also need help. This will encourage cooperation and good will on many levels. Don't lose faith in yourself and know that you can take positive steps to create abundance.

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Dolphin and Whale encounter in the Azores

DolphinsVisit the Azores from 18 to 25 July with Frédérique Pichard to see dolphins and whales and discover Pico Island. In the mornings - boat trips and exploring the island; in the afternoons, workshops and discovering your aquatic origins with Frédérique.

The trips are organised by the travel agency Fancy Voyage in Lyon. Click here to see the complete programme.

To find out more about Frédérique and her work with the dolphins, visit her web site

Special Offer

CEE LogoDuring the month of January take advantage of our 15% reduction on all Crystal Energy Essences. Good for internet orders only.

Crystal Energy Essences contain the energetic imprint of minerals, stabilised in a decoction of perilla frutescens and white vinegar. These mineral essences work on the level of the chakras and subtle bodies, helping to eradicate fear and toxic emotions, while encouraging love and forgiveness. The range is made up of 36 mineral essences and 5 combination essences.