Flower Essences: Internal vs. Topical Use

Excerpt from the Summer 2001 Newsletter

It is part of our cultural bias to think that for a remedy to work we must swallow it. Indeed this is the way that the vast majority of people still take their flower essences. But there is an increasing awareness that a topical use of flower essences and other vibrational remedies such as mineral elixirs can be just as effective and in some instances even bring about a much more precise healing reaction.

Flower essences are energetic products; they contain the energetic imprint of the flower and not its physical properties. For an energetic essence to work, it must be introduced into our energy system. This can be through ingestion, but it can also be through placing several drops on the inside of the wrist, in the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet (where we have all of the reflex points), on the chakras or acupuncture points. Essences can also be vaporised in the air around us or into our energy field or aura.

Increasingly, essences are placed on the skin (directly or mixed with a massage oil or lotion). Dietmar Krämer has done a complete mapping of the body in his book New Bach Flower Body Maps (Inner Traditions International; ISBN 0892815310). According to Krämer the effectiveness of the Bach flower remedies is greatly increased when they are applied topically to specific parts of the body; physical ailments are directly relieved and underlying emotional problems can be treated with pinpoint accuracy. Similar body maps are being developed for the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Pendulum dowsing, muscle testing or intuition can also be used to determine where to place essences on the skin.

Topical applications are of particular interest to people who have an intolerance to any alcohol (brandy is used to stabilise most flower essences), as well as for infants, children and animals. One of the best ways to administer essences to a newborn baby or small infant is to put a drop on the top of the head, or alternatively the essence can be rubbed into the hands or feet. Putting 7 to 10 drops of an essence into the baby's bath water is also an effective way to introduce the essence into the energy field.

An easy way to administer essences to animals is to spray the essences on the animal's back (this is particularly good for dogs, but cats are sometimes put off by the sound of the vaporiser). Another way is to place drops directly onto the animal's skin, fur or feathers. This tends to be a much more effective means of ensuring that the animal actually benefits from the essence, which is not always obvious if the essence is placed in water or food.

Certain essences are being developed for external use only (such as the Petaltone essences) or are recommended mainly for topical application (e.g. Crystal Energy Essences). Others are being presented as sprays, mixed with essential oils or floral waters, or creams. But you can also make your own custom blend of massage or bath oil or room spray to suit your particular needs or mood of the moment. The possibilities are endless…