Newsletter June 2016

Alaskan flower essences - Special Offer

Alaskan flower essences

Alaskan Essences logoWe are happy to announce that we have recently introduced the 41 Alaskan research flower essences into our offering. The Alaskan flower essences are very special and stand apart from other flower essences due to the profound effect that the Alaskan environment has on their energetic potency.

Alaska is a huge, largely unpopulated territory of tundra and forest that has remained in pristine condition. It is home to a variety of plant communities that possess strength, purity and vitality that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. As a result a flower essence made in Alaska receives the most complete healing pattern possible. This allows our body to better receive, integrate and come into alignment with the healing message contained in the flower essence.

Plants growing in Alaska have evolved over many eons to adapt and prosper in the harsh climatic conditions and short growing seasons. As a result the Alaskan flower essences help us respond and adapt to our own struggles, conflict and difficulties.

Alaskan flowerThe fact that the growing season is short (in some places no more than 2 months) and the days are perpetually light means that there is a constant pressure to move, to act and to transform the old into the new. As a result the Alaskan flower essences are catalysts for dynamic change. They help us become aware of the lessons and shifts in consciousness that are required to follow our life path in a focused and graceful way and assist us during major transitions.

As most of the plants growing in Alaska have not had much direct interaction with humans, they are intimately connected to the other kingdoms of nature and the cosmos. The Alaskan flower essences open our awareness to spirit and teach us how to deepen our attunement to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Please have a look at these flower essences, both the original set of 72 flower essences and the 41 research flower essences. They can make a significant contribution to your overall health and well-being.

Special Offer

South African logoDuring the month of June take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the 18 combination essences in the South African Flower Essence range. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

The South African Flower Essences are made by Jannet Unite-Penny on the slopes of Table Mountain (Cape Peninsula) which is considered to be a sacred place of healing and the point of convergence of all of the leylines of the African continent. Over seventy indigenous plants have been used to make these flower essences, as well as some eighty others which are not indigenous but carry the energy of the African soil.

Jannet believes that flower essences are a powerful tool of self-transformation and spiritual evolution. They act as catalysts, helping to raise levels of awareness and eliminating blockages that prevent the free flow of energy in the physical and subtle bodies. There are 151 flower essences and 18 combination essences in the range.

Each combination essence is a special blend of 7 individual essences. Some of the most popular combinations include: Abundance Essence, Auric Protection Essence, Crisis Remedy, Inner Child Essence, Separation Essence and Stress Essence. Click here to see the whole range of the 18 South African combination essences.