Newsletter April 2015

Spring essence suggestions - ISIS Essence - Special Offer

Spring essence suggestions

spring cleaningIn Spring, Nature begins its cycle of rebirth. This is a time when we engage in what is termed "spring cleaning", our way to make a fresh start, a new beginning.

Spring cleaning can take place on several levels. For most people spring cleaning means clearing out our closets and making long overdue repairs to our homes. Spring cleaning can also mean following a detox programme to help our bodies cleans themselves of accumulated toxins.

As part of our spring cleaning effort we can also choose to do an energetic cleaning of toxic emotions and energetic debris which will be both beneficial and complementary to any other spring cleaning efforts which we undertake.

Some of the best energetic cleaning essences include: Purifying Essence (Australian combination); Detox (Pacific combination); Subtle body balancer (Fleurs de Vie combination); Purify (Green Hope combination).

Spring is also a good time to clean your environment, not only physically cleaning out closets and getting rid of clutter, but clearing out old energies and welcoming in new ones.

For her Spring cleaning, Sabina Pettitt of Pacific Essences uses the 3 Pacific combination sprays Balancer, Heart Spirit and Abundance: "Balancer to bring me and my environment into the present. Heart Spirit to keep me in my heart and also to disconnect from whatever energetic input came just before. (This is how I always use Heart Spirit Spray in my clinic - by spraying the room between patients so that there is no energetic carryover between one patient and the next). And Abundance to welcome new energy and manifest what I want with clarity and intention." Excerpt from the Pacific Essences March 2015 Newsletter. These sprays are available individually, in a box set or in a 10ml Mini-spray set.

The Alaskan sacred space sprays (Purification, Guardian, Lighten-up and Calling all angels) are another way to cleanse your environment and bring in fresh, new patterns of energy. Use Purification Spray to clear stagnant or disharmonious energies. Follow this with Guardian Spray to invoke safety and protection, Calling all Angels Spray to create a peaceful and sacred space and/or Lighten-up Spray to revitalize and strengthen the energy of a room. See the description of how to use these essence sprays (pdf). They are available individually or in a box set.

ISIS Essence

isisOn the 25th of May 2014 the Isis Essence was created by Ian White, founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. The Goddess Isis has always been, including now in present time, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. This Essence was the culmination of Ian's first trip to Egypt, although the essence itself was made in the UK.

Ian has often spoken on how strongly he felt the Love vibration when making both the White Light and Light Frequency Essences, especially the latter. But this was surpassed that day in the creation of the Isis Essence. He sees this Essence as being quite a unique one-off Essence, not part of either the White Light or Light Frequency ranges (although we have placed it with the White Light essences on our web site for lack of a better place...)

The Isis Essence:

  • Allows you to feel the presence, protection and love of the Divine Feminine
  • Illuminates our inner dark places where we store our emotional pain and suffering
  • Creates hope and upliftment
  • Replaces aspects of our emotionally wounded self with love and courage
  • Helps you to draw love into yourself in times of turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Enables you to access and release wounding in your soul arising from the Spirit world, this and other lives
  • Transforms places of negativity arising from trauma
  • Integrates any separated, emotionally cut off parts of ourselves
  • Helps heal places of our emotional pain

Special Offer - Ile de Lumière

Ile de LumièreDuring the month of April take advantage of our 15% reduction on all Ile de Lumière Essences. Good for internet orders only.

The Ile de Lumière Essences come from my garden. I have been working with the land since 1984. I learned to communicate and co-create with Nature here, thanks to the Perelandra Processes of Machaelle Small Wright. Since 2002 this work has deepened and expanded. I am very grateful to the land and the many Beings, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate, that inhabit it. These are their essences.

The Ile de Lumière Essences include 9 individual essences and 3 combination essences. They are stabilised with red shiso (perilla frutescens) that is also grown here in the garden. I made 6 of these essences for the first time in 2002 but they were for me, not for sharing. Then in May 2009 I knew that Nature was ready to offer her essences to the world and the Ile de Lumière Essences were born.

The Ile de Lumière Essences resonate with the number 3 and multiples of 3. There are 9 individual essences (3x3) and 3 combination essences composed of 3 essences each. Three is the number of unity: the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost); Body, Mind and Spirit; or conscious, subconscious, superconscious. In the number 3 we recognise how the joining together of the parts creates the whole, we recognise our unity with the various part of ourselves, with others, with the other kingdoms (animal, mineral, vegetable as well as angelic, devic, elemental).

These essences represent unity, and harmony and helping each other - all qualities that are needed in today's world.

Peggy Rada