Alaskan - research environmental essences

8 research environmental essences, available in 30ml dropper stock bottles

  • Augustine Volcano

    This essence facilitates the positive release of unexpressed energy and emotion. It also teaches us to view intense cataclysmic events, such as volcanic eruptions, as benevolent instruments for change. The earth will continue to make these strong internal adjustments. 

  • Bog

    This essence was made in the Stonestep Bog in south central Alaska. Bogs are semi-swampy habitats that harbor a rich diversity of life. They are alive with an abundance of elemental energies and hold the fresh new energy of potential. 

  • Gigha Quartz

    Prepared on the Isle of Gigha, off the western coast of Scotland. Gigha Quartz encourages us to become more present in a soft and empowering way. It helps us build up our inner core strength and discipline so that we can maintain a deeper alignment with the planet. This alignment enables us to live our lives with a physical and energetic posture that is upright, self-contained and authentic.

  • Redoubt Volcano

    Made during the March, 2009 eruptions of the Redoubt Volcano in south central Alaska. This essence calms and soothes our doubts, anxieties and fears as we confront the inevitability of change. It helps us learn how to surrender to the natural forces that are beyond our comprehension and control, and in doing so, align with their magical and transformative power.

  • Solar Eclipse

    Balances and harmonizes the feminine and masculine energies in men and women, and promotes the conscious empowerment of the inner male. 

  • Typhoon

    This essence was prepared during a typhoon on the island of Honshu in Japan. Typhoon teaches us how to surrender to the cleansing power of nature–a force more powerful than we are–with enough trust to let it do its healing work. It also reminds us to anchor our lives with purpose and intent–to focus on what is important and let the rest go. Limited Edition

  • Winter in August

    This essence was made from melted snow during a powerful storm on the Greenland ice sheet in the month of August. It is an essence for the clarification of identity. It helps us determine what is essential to our path in life, and catalyzes a clearing of the mind, heart, and emotional realms of all that is not, so we can realize true peace in our lives and on the planet. Limited Edition