Excerpt from the Winter 2008 Newsletter

« The energies of Love and Joy are universal keys which open wide the doors of abundance and prosperity »

It might seem odd to write about prosperity when the world around us is in such financial turmoil. However, it is exactly at such times that we need to take our fate into our own hands rather than give in to fear, hopelessness and the pervasive negative pictures we are bombarded with by the media. Prosperity is not about money. It is about love, and happiness and self-fulfillment. While there is no denying that the financial aspects of our current environment need to be taken into consideration, they also need to be kept in proper perspective. Abundance is not a commodity but a frame of mind. The energies of Love and Joy are universal keys which open wide the doors of abundance and prosperity.

Looking back at the last four Fleurs de Vie newsletters can give us some guidelines as to how to navigate through these turbulent times. First of all remember that how we chose to think, how we formulate our intentions and where we place our attention can change the world (newsletter Winter 2007). If enough people hold a positive vision of the future it can influence the course of events.

Second, remember that there is strength in numbers, working together for the good of all. So treat everyone with kindness, consideration and respect (newsletter Spring 2008). Help others, even if you also need help. This will encourage cooperation and good will on many levels.

Third, don’t lose faith in yourself or your ability to shine (newsletter Summer 2008). Self-confidence will help you move forward and give you a clearer view of what possibilities exist and which actions to take.

And fourth, know that you can take positive steps to help create your own future (newsletter Autumn 2008). Live in the present, be generous and grateful, keep your thoughts positive and create a clear vision of what you want.

Now more than ever essences can help us to hold steady, stay positive and contribute our light to the world. If this seems like a daunting task, you might want to create a first aid kit for yourself. It could include: an emergency essence such as Balancer (Pacific combination), Crisis Remedy (South African combination), or Emergency Essence (Australian Bush combination); and a protection essence such as Auric Protection Essence (South African combination), Guardian (Alaskan combination) or Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm combination).

In addition you might want to add a blend from among the essences suggested in the last four newsletters. For example you might choose: Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) to stay grateful, appreciative and openhearted; Harvest Lily (Pacific) to support working with others; Cape Almond (South African) for confidence and a sense of personal power and Purple Fluorite (Crystal Energy) for mental clarity and clear guidance from your Higher Self. Take the essences in your first aid kit whenever you feel fearful, vulnerable or overwhelmed by events. Share them with friends and family who also need support.

Eliminating panic and fear and protecting yourself from the fear and negativity of others will help you create the space necessary to cultivate abundance consciousness. When we live in a state of abundance we know that there is always enough to go around and that the more we give from the heart the more we are able to receive (newsletter Winter 2003).

There are many essences that deal with abundance and prosperity. Among the most popular are the Pacific combination Abundance Essence and the 22 day Abundance Programme. The Abundance Essence aligns body, mind, emotions and spirit to help you achieve your goals while maintaining a connection with the larger flow of “abundance consciousness”. Pacific Essences has recently brought out an Abundance Stabiliser which helps you stay connected to the flow of abundance in your life and to trust that resources will be replenished from a universe of infinite possibilities.

The last addition to the range of Pacific Goddess essences is Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance and good fortune. She holds the energy of health, happiness, prosperity and the fulfillment of earthy desires. She embodies generosity, good will and the will to do good.

Abundance Essence (South African combination) helps dissolve unconscious blockages which prevent us from accepting greater abundance into our lives. It shifts poverty and victim consciousness while encouraging a sense of self-worth and a willingness to receive.

Abund Essence (Australian Bush combination) releases negative beliefs, family patterns, sabotage and fear of lack. It instills a sense of universal trust and belief in abundance and our ability to attract abundance into our lives.

Nénuphar Blanc (DEVA) helps us express our abundance in terms of cooperation rather than competition, in all aspects of our lives, whether it be our relationship to money, work, family or society. It helps us understand that real wealth lies in sharing, that we are not impoverished but enriched by what we give to others.

Bog Blueberry (Alaskan) helps us to be more open to the myriad ways that the bounty of the universe can flow through us and not to block abundance simply because it doesn’t come in the form that we expect. Go Create (Alaskan combination) is designed to help us co-create what we want, need, and desire in our life with less resistance and more ease, efficiency and effectiveness. Go Create helps clear limiting beliefs that we are holding from past experiences, including ancestral patterns, enhances our ability to feel worthy to receive our heart’s desire. It fills us with the energies of trust, faith, and gratitude that align us with what we truly desire to create in our life.

From Petaltone we have a new Prosperity Set of four essences (external use only) that are used sequentially to help rid us of limiting thought forms, beliefs and attitudes which block the realization of our true potential. The Prosperity Set connects us with the energy of abundance, encourages self expression, a positive mental attitude, self reliance and self worth. It clears limiting thought forms and energy patterns and connects us with our Higher Self.