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Prosperity Set

Prosperity Set

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Set of 4 essences which aims to help those who are working to improve their relationship to the material world. For external use only.

For too long we may have been carrying limiting thought forms, beliefs and attitudes which block us from actualising our true potential, in alignment with our higher self. As most of us live in a world of plentiful resources, why not discover how we can better relate and use these to positive and creative ends?

This set is ideal to use either on its own, or as a powerful supporting influence to any training courses that deal with these issues.

These essences are for external use only. They are to be evaporated into the chakras from the palms of the hands, in the order below, twice daily:

Prosperity 1: use in throat chakra, for connecting to energies of abundance and assisting the self expression.

Prosperity 2: use in solar plexus, for connecting with the higher self, the path of deeper heart intention, connecting this to the will.

Prosperity 3: use in sacral chakra, for positive mental attitude, self reliance and self worth.

Prosperity 4: use in throat and solar plexus chakras, for clearing limiting thought forms and energy pattern.

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Essence type
flower essence
4 10ml bottles
external use only

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