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General Use: Stamina, fire, masculine power. Motivation. For external use only.

Mental/Etheric level: Stimulates mental activity. Don't use if 'Hyper' .Awakens the sluggish mind. Re-energies depleted etheric. Best used when fully awake, rather than at the start or end of the day.

Psychic level: Cleanses, purifies. Energises depleted chakras. Good to use with fire-orientated cleansing processes.

Creative level: Masculine aspect, physical level, motivation.

Spiritual level: Breaks down kundalini blocks. Positive self-belief, higher self connection.
Polarity: Heals low energy masculine aspect.

Crystals: Can be applied via crystal. Awakens their masculine aspects. Crystal can become a wand for catabolic operations, or a flame for the removal of negative energies.
ALSO: Clears fire meridians in the body.

For external use only.

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flower essence
10ml bottle
external use only

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