Newsletter - July 2017

Summer Essences - The Essence Spectrum - Quadrant III - Special Offer

Summer essences

picnicWelcome to the summer which stretches out before us. Essences can help us make the most of these months no matter the activities we have planned.

To unwind and relax
If we are taking some time off during the summer, it helps to be able to change gears and leave our work and/or worries behind.
Calm and Clear (Australian Bush) - available in drops, cream, spray or oral spray
Goatsbeard (Pacific)
Rest and Relax (Wild Earth)
Playtime (Wild Earth)

For plane trips and jetlag
Travel Ease (Alaskan) - available in drops or spray
Travel Essence (Australian Bush) - available in drops, cream or spray
Travel Essence (South African)

To energetically clean hotel rooms and holiday homes
Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie)
Purification spray (Alaskan)
Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush)

To deal with too much heat and sun
Solaris (Australian Bush)

For planning the future or some life change
Summer can be a great time to think about where we want to go or what we want to be
Evolution (Deva) - available in drops or spray
Frog (Wild Earth)
Fireweed combo (Alaskan)
Pipsissewa (Pacific)

To learn something new
Cognis (Australian Bush) - available in drops or spray
Easy learning (Alaskan) - available in drops or spray
Optimal learning (Pacific)

And if we have to work all summer
Joyful work (Wild Earth)
Working Dog (Wild Earth)

Fleurs de Vie is open all summer -
at your service!

The Essence Spectrum - Quadrant III

roueThe Essence Spectrum illustrates and interprets the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences, offering a philosophical overlay of these essences through tracing the maturing process of the personality. In May we looked at the essences of the first quadrant with their light, gentle feminine qualities, similar to the awakening of Nature in Spring. In June we covered the second quadrant essences, predominately masculine, which represent action, the fire of youth and the surge of energy in Summer.

We now pass into the third cluster of essences for autumn and middle age, completing the masculine half of the Spectrum. Here, we reap the wisdom thus far acquired on our journey and the essences possess strength, power and the drive to build and accomplish: Almond, Pear, Avocado, Apple and Orange.

As the first essence in Quadrant III, Almond encapsulates the matured strength to say "no" to excess. Having learned Fig's lesson of balance, Almond portrays self-control. moral vigour and the moderate use of our senses dictated by wisdom rather than whim. A harmonizing calmness ensues through Almond's message of living the courage of our convictions.

Emerging from the calmness of Almond, we find Pear. This remedy has an unmistakable, unshakable strength. Pear is the pure strength of being totally centered, completely balanced and absolutely in control of our faculties - all valuable assets in the face of emergency situations. If the tranquility of Almond is the calm before the storm, Pear is the peace after it.

From Pear's steadiness arises the clarity and sharp mental focus of Avocado. This essence contains Quadrant III's maturity and the Spectrum's masculine virtues of manifested strength through the joy of mental challenges. In no uncertain terms, Avocado represents a solid mental footing - knowing ourselves and the direction we want to take with our lives.

Avocado's keen memory and clarity leads to Apple's acuity. Through Apple, we come to a wonderful understanding of the subtle dance between the body, mind and spirit. When these elements are harmonized, the result is a state of radiant well-being.

Orange is the last essence in Quadrant III and the last masculine essence of the Spectrum. Clear-thinking Apple provides the psychologically balanced soil from which Orange germinates. Just as the fruit of the orange possesses a particular tartness, so do many of life's experiences. Determined to overcome the deepest possible human sorrows, Orange reaches to the very core of true happiness.

We will discover Quadrant IV next month. The Essence Spectrum Chart helps us understand the essences but it is not necessary to follow the order of the quadrants to benefit from their healing qualities.

Special Offer

ILEDuring the month of July take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the Ile de Lumière essences. Good for internet orders only.

The Ile de Lumière range contains 9 individual essences and 3 combination essences. They are stabilised with Red Shiso (perilla frutescens).

Remaking several of the mother essences this summer reminded me of the beauty, utility and power of this small essence range. It contains lots of protection which we need to stay centered in our heart in the NOW and not find ourselves scattered across other realities and dimensions (S'intégrer - Integration, Se protéger - Protection, Sécurité - Security). It helps us find inner peace and follow our intuition (Choisir la paix - Choose peace, Harmonie - Harmony), it helps us align with our life purpose (Courage), open to abundance (Générosité - Generosity) and find our place in the world with love and respect (Humilité - Humility, Ensemble - Together).