Newsletter June 2020

New combinations essences from Australia - Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)Special Offer

New combinations essences from Australia

Ian White has just launched two new combination essences - Carers Essence and Boost Essence. Both are very appropriate in addressing many of the issues arising from the current, global health situation.

Normally, we would associate the Carers Essence with a mother of a young child or children; health workers or someone looking after their elderly or sick parents, partner or child.

However, in the current climate, parents, who would normally be at work, are having to stay home and look after their children. Many healthcare workers are finding themselves under increasing workloads with many overly concerned about their own safety as they help others. Many middle-aged adults are being required to spend a lot more time checking on and shopping for their older parents who are being advised by health authorities and governments to avoid going out in public as much as possible.

In these times of emotional overwhelm and life changing circumstances, this Essence supports the caregiver to feel their inner strength and their resilience when they are feeling worn out and burdened by the responsibility of looking after another. The Carers Essence helps one to feel calm, optimistic, able to cope and also pay heed to and look after one's own needs.

Alpine Mint Bush, though not one of the most widely used of the Bush Essences, was the obvious first choice for the Carers Essence. Ian highly recommends this essence for every health practitioner, doctor, nurse, naturopath etc to take annually. It works as a little tap on the shoulder to see if you are looking after your own needs whilst taking care of others. Most practitioners enter their career because they want to help and be of service, but often are not very good at looking after their own needs. Of course, a high percentage of mothers also fall into this category. Not only will these people be offering a poor role model in terms of looking after self, but they run the risk of getting tired, burnt out and sick.

Alpine Mint Bush also helps you to realise if work is taking over from time that should be allocated to being with family, friends or spent developing other interests outside of work. It also helps you be aware if you've been taking time off to recharge. Some practitioners say they haven't taken a holiday in years because they don't want to let their patients down. This is very unhealthy for both them and their patients!

Below is a list of all the Bush Essences in Carers and the reason why they've been chosen.

  • Alpine Mint Bush: burdened by the responsibility of looking after others.
  • Crowea: concern for others, especially loved ones.
  • Fringed Violet: psychic protection - not taking on the emotions of others or negative energies of places and situations around them.
  • Green Spider Orchid: telepathic communication to really connect and understand the needs of the person you're looking after, especially a young child or someone with dementia.
  • Macrocarpa: enhancing enthusiasm and inner strength; for feeling drained and jaded.
  • Paw Paw: helping with overwhelm and also the ability to make decisions.
  • Sunshine Wattle: bringing in hope and optimism when life has been seen as grim and full of struggle. 

Ian has created Boost Essence purely for the current health crisis and the challenging and uncertain times we are now all going through. It has been specifically formulated to support and boost you through these changing times. He has selected Essences to help bring about a sense of safety and assurance. At the same time, there is also a great need and benefit in being able to stay very grounded and connected to the Earth and Nature. There is no better Bush Essence to do this than Sundew. This is especially so for many people around the world who are in lockdown mode in apartments, many floors above the ground, who are not legally able to or can't, because they are afraid of contracting Covid-19, go out into Nature.

For so many months now, around the world, there has been a pervasive energy of panic and fear with every news broadcast leading off with the numbers of newly infected people and how many have died that day. Fringed Violet has been added to the Boost Essence to provide psychic protection so that you don't pick up or take on board this vibration. This is especially so for all the people who are very sensitive to other people and energies. So many of the children and teenagers today who were born this millennium fit into this category of being overly sensitive.

Of course, Crowea has been added as many feel concern for all the people in other communities and countries impacted by this crisis and especially for their loved ones. This Essence also has a very calming and balancing effect and for when feeling "not quite right". Bottlebrush helps you cope when in the midst of change and this is certainly the biggest change that most people on the planet have lived through. There is still great uncertainty as to how long it will last and of the social & economic repercussions of what will follow.

In Traditional Chinese medicine grief and sadness are the emotions that have been observed to have an impact on the subtle energies around the lungs. One of the deepest acting of all the Bush Essences is Sturt Desert Pea, which works so powerfully on these two emotions. It has been observed that there are a lot more males who have been affected by Covid-19 than females. Incidentally, men are generally much more likely to hold on to grief and sadness than women. Though most of us are probably all holding on to this emotion to varying degrees. Sturt Desert Pea is usually taken s as a single Essence. By adding it to the Boost Essence it greatly intensifies its potency.

Below is a list of all the Bush Essences in Boost Essence and the reason why they've been chosen.

  • Bottlebrush: coping with change.
  • Bush Iris: calling in your spiritual guidance; fear of death.
  • Crowea: concern for others, especially loved ones.
  • Dog Rose: courage; to embrace life more fully and confidently.
  • Fringed Violet: psychic protection - not taking on the emotions of others or negative energies of places and situations around them.
  • Illawarra Flame Tree: brings awareness to the chest or heart chakra.
  • Sturt Desert Pea: deep sadness and grief.
  • Sundew: being grounded and connected to Nature.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)

These classes are taught in French by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and french speaking countries. 

Level 1 Workshops

  • Paris - 12-14 September 2020
  • Strasbourg - 3-4 October 2020
  • Brétignolle sur mer - 24-25 October 2020
  • Valence - Tain l'Hermitage - 21-22 November 2020

Level 2 Workshops

  • Valence - Tain l'Hermitage - 6-7 March 2021
  • Paris - 13-14 March 2021
  • Geneva - 27-28 March 2021
  • Strasbourg - 17-18 April 2021

Contact Nadia Jacquemin at 06 08 80 60 32 -

See programmes in French on our web site

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