Petaltone Essences

Petaltones are a unique and exciting new form of flower essence. They work via evaporation into the auric field,and are capable of multi-level healing. For external use only. They can also be used in healing animals, interaction with crystals, and changing the energy in buildings.The essences were created from English wild flowers in powerful natural energy centres.

David Eastoe, developer of Petaltone essences, began his spiritual training at age 17 with Kagyu Lamas in Copenhagen, 1974. Since then his studies in the Western Esoteric tradition, and healing systems have included the use of sound, colour, crystals, regression and symbolism. He also composes music for healing and meditation. David has developed the Petaltones during several years of research in vibrational healing with wild flower essences.

Hawaiian Series
David Eastoe has been making regular trips to the Big Island of Hawaii, which led him to create the 9 Hawaiian Essences. The energies present on the island of Hawaii are awesome by anyone’s standards, with live volcanos, 11 climatic regions and many species of plants found nowhere else on earth. What better place to develop new ways of working and co-operating with plant energies? As with all Petaltone Essences, please test for the appropriate chakras or locations for application and only use the essences externally.

How to use:
 In order to use Petaltones successfully, you need to have a basic knowledge of the chakra system, together with ability to dowse with a pendulum.

  • Ask the pendulum whether you are 'clear' to dowse. If positive, use the pendulum to read the aura (your own or the clients).
  • Ask whether an application of the essences is appropriate.
  • If positive, then dowse the bottles one by one to discover which are relevant at this time. Put these ones to one side.
  • Dowse which order they will be applied in.
  • Dowse the first one, as to which chakra(s) it needs to go into.
  • Place a few drops on the palm of the hand, rub palms together and allow the essence to evaporate about 4-6 inches from the chakra, at the front of the body. You will feel the coolness as this takes place.
  • Dowse to see whether the treatments have had good effect
  • If anyone feels too spaced out, try dowsing 'Spirit Ground' and if possible use this to ground.


In General:
Always allow the dowsing to show you which ones to use and where. The flowers know what they need to do: allow them. Perhaps try using 'Soul Star' before treatment. This allows you more access to your own guidance and dowsing abilities. After treatment, look through the full descriptions of the essences you have used, and see whether the client may recognise any of the symptoms/problems mentioned. The essences work on certain levels for different people, so not all the symptoms will necessarily apply in each case.

See the summary table of the Petaltone Essences and how to use them.