Make the most of the holidays

Excerpt from the December 2011 Newsletter

Here we are – heading fast towards the holiday season and the last days of 2011. Ideally this should be a time of peace and harmony, spending quality time with loved ones as well as having time for ourselves to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close and making plans and dreaming dreams for the next. But the reality often falls short…and we arrive at Christmas stressed, exhausted and generally not at our best.

Here are some flower essence suggestions to help you actually enjoy the holidays.

Stay calm

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, by all the hordes of people in the shops, by all the preparations that are needed. Stay calm, don’t panic – keep an emergency essence at hand. These essences are invaluable when you are feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. You will be surprised how much more manageable the situation is when you are calm, grounded and focussed.

Emergency essences include Assistance (Deva combination), Balancer (Pacific combination), Crisis Remedy (South Africa combination), Emergency Essence (Australian Bush combination) and Soul Support (Alaskan combination) among others. See a complete list here.

Essences such as Calm and Clear (Australian Bush combination), Grape Hyacinth (Pacific) and Stress Essence (South Africa combination) are also useful in helping you to take a step back, regroup your thoughts and manage the multitude of things that demand your attention.

Joyful Work (Wild Earth Animal combination) helps you be productive and creative yet light-hearted as you move through your long list of things to do, while Rest & Relax (Wild Earth combination) allows you to slow down, stop worrying and realise that everything will be ok.

Protect yourself

If you are particularly sensitive to the energy of other people and places, use an auric protection essence. Moving through busy shops can be exhausting at the best of times, (even more so with the Christmas crowds) as you “pick up” other peoples stress and add it to your own.

Protection essences are also invaluable during family reunions as we tend to be more susceptible to family members and despite our best intentions find ourselves getting annoyed, impatient and just not able to remain as calm and loving as we would like. Auric protection essences help establish healthy energetic boundaries so you can maintain your space and not be overly reactive to your environment and family. Protecting your aura also keeps you from being drained and exhausted by outside influences whether they be emotional or environmental.

Auric protection essences include: Aura Protect (Crystal Energy), Auric Protection Essence (South Africa), Guardian (Alaska), Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm) and Protection (Wild Earth Animal) among others. See a complete list here.

Keep your space clean

Don’t underestimate the effect of space clearing. Spraying a room with a space clearing essence before a family gathering can make all the different between tension and harmony. Ensuring that the energy is clear and positive will allow people to relax and enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to clear after everyone has left as well. Also if you are travelling away from home, use a space clearing essence to clear your hotel room or the guest bedroom where you are staying.

Space clearing essences include: Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie), Crystal Clear (Petaltone), Purification Spray (Alaska), Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush) among others. See a complete list here.


Heartfelt communication is the key to establishing loving, open relationships with others, particularly family members. The lack of communication, the inability to express oneself and to hear what others have to say are at the root of many of our problems.

Essences for communication include: Beyond Words (Alaska combination), Communication (Crystal Energy combination), Relationship Essence (Australian Bush combination) and Unité familiale (Deva combination) among others. For more information on the importance of communication and the essences that help, see the articles on communication in the June 2010 Newsletter and the Fall 2000 Newsletter.

Enjoy the holidays!