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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Virgo 24th August - 23rd September

(reprinted with permission from the June 2011 edition of The Essence)

VirgoThe symbol for Virgo is a young maiden holding a sheaf of wheat, or The Virgin. The glyph is a stylised "M" with neatly crossed legs. Both symbols demonstrate several hallmarks of this sign; the well known Virgo penchant for purity, but also the hard work, planning and careful management required at the time of the harvest moon (the time of year when Virgo natives are born in the Northern Hemisphere where astrology originated).

Balanced Virgo Energy is industrious, ethical, organised, tidy and practical. Every office needs a Virgo to put its systems in place, or in order, and then to supervise the day to day running of the business in a smooth and efficient manner. All the "i"s will be dotted and all the "t"s will be crossed when a Virgo is in charge of the day to day management and staff. They pay close attention to fine detail, have high standards, work hard, set a good example to others and enjoy being of service. Should things unravel, even unexpectedly, they have a natural ability to quickly analyse the situation and put solutions in place.

Should these traits become too pronounced, Virgos may have a tendency to become nit picking, hypercritical, or perfectionist. If this occurs, Yellow Cowslip Orchid is very good to help them come back into balance.

Plainly, with such a focus on work, they run the risk of becoming workaholics. It is not unheard of for Virgos to wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to go to sleep until they have completed an unfinished project that is on deadline - some will even drive into the office in the middle of the night, or stay at work until the very late hours of the evening, unable to relax until their work is done. Black-Eyed Susan is a much needed remedy in these cases, as is Macrocarpa if they have been making a habit of it and are becoming physically burnt out. Calm and Clear is very good for them in general, and spraying them with it as they cross the family threshold will ensure they leave their work at the office.

The nervous system is one of Virgo's physical weak points and whenever they start getting fidgety (Bush Fuchsia would help here) or irritable (Dagger Hakea to ease this), you know they are getting tired, are under pressure, and in need of some Essences.

The other physical vulnerability is the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed from food. Digestive problems are another sign they are under load. This area of the body, as well as assimilation of nutrition and information, can be supported by Paw Paw.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo natives can be quite "in their heads" rather than in their hearts. At times this can lead them to become cut off from emotions and prone to mental rigidity (Hibbertia will assist here).

They do take an active interest in their health and their love of purity will lead them to be interested in organic food, detoxing, special diets and supplements, which are all conducive to good health. However sometimes this goes too far and they slip into a pattern of hypochondria, for which Peach-flowered Tea Tree is very good.

Their spiritual lesson is to be of service to others. If selfishness is a problem, Gymea Lily will help. For the Virgo who does too much for others to the detriment of themselves, try Alpine Mint Bush. If they can give but not receive, they will benefit from Philotheca.

Another spiritual lesson is to become aware that they are part of the universal Oneness, that we are all connected, and of course, Sydney Rose is the Essence to help develop this as a knowingness that comes from deep within and that permeates every aspect of our Being and life.

The higher ruler of Virgo is Chiron, God of Miraculous Healing, and the healing fields boast many Virgos. At their best they can tune into their Higher Selves and channel healing energy, no matter what their modality or belief systems around this. If this ability is blocked, Bush Iris and Paw Paw will help open it up, as will the Higher Self and Angelic Essences in the White Light range.

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